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Awaiting hysterectomy!

Hi all I have wrote a few blogs on here after what seems like forever (2 years) of heavy periods and lots of pain, mirena coil, lots of pills and appointments. I saw my consultant 2 weeks ago who agreed that a hysterectomy is my best option, I was going to try having the lining taken away but he told me this would solve the bleeding but not the pain. I am 30 with 3 young children and had been sterilised anyway so my family is complete. I have been told that they will leave my ovaries behind. I now have to have 3 zoladex injections while I wait for the op and have been given Livial to help the side affects of the zoladex. Has anyone else had a hyesterectomy at a young age? I am just wondering what to expect and whether it would be key hole surgery. I am also worried about how long my hospital stay will be with having the 3 little ones to look after?

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The length of recovery will depend on how the surgery is performed. Your consultant should talk you through this. There are 3 ways it can be done - abdominal, vaginal or laparoscopic. Your recovery can be influenced by your general health. I'm awaiting a full H, abdominal. I've been told that it will take between 6 - 12 weeks to recover. There is a very useful info leaflet on the endo website, I found v helpful. Good luck, I know it isn't an easy decision. I'm 40 and don't have kids so it was difficult for me.


Hi, I'm awaiting a hysterectomy too. They will be leaving my ovaries in though as I'm only 29. I have a 2 and 3 yr old and have been told that I am not allowed to lift them at all for 3mths! I can't have a vaginal hysterectomy as I had sections with my children. They will attempt to do the op keyhole but it may end up being abdominal. I was told I would be staying in for at least 2 nights, possibly 3 x


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