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Awaiting hysterectomy then fell pregnant with mirena coil!

I was referred to have a hysterectomy in January and was told by the consultant I would probably have it within the next few months. I was then told that I wouldn't have the op 'til the end of May/ beginning of June. I have a 3 1/2 and 2 1/2 year old and was told I wouldn't really be able to do anything with them for 3 mths. All of my plans have been based around my op and recovery time. I found out a few days ago I'm pregnant! I have the mirena coil and this really was the last thing I expected to happen to me. I obviously didn't want any more children and as far as I was concerned my family was complete. Despite all this I will continue with this pregnancy as personally it's the only option I would consider. My husband is very angry and hasn't contacted me since I told him on Wednesday. He's away at the moment. My MIL has also been unfair blaming me. I fell pregnant with my second son whilst on the pill, 12 weeks after having my first son. I'm now worried about my future options, I still want to have a hysterectomy but doubt they will let me have one as soon as this baby is born. I've had 2 previous sections so don't think they will let me have a VBAC. Has anyone else been in this situation? x

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Wow, thats a really tough situation. I'm sorry you aren't getting much support from your family. I can relate to the lack of family support so all I can say is keep in touch with us here and I wish you all the best for your pregnancy... also as far as your husband and MIL blaming you, it takes 2 to tango and you had the coil in. You both made the same decision to have sex and trust the contraception .. the odds were in your favour but life isn't always predictable. If he felt that strongly about it beforehand he could have insisted on using condoms with the coil... he didn't.

Hopefully he is taking some time to get used to the idea and I hope he is more supportive later on.

Good luck and hugs x



I agree with crystal, hopefully he is taking some time out to adjust to the idea.

They should be able to offer you the hysterectomy after birth but it may be another wait.

I hope things get easier for you, good luck!



Hi Ginger

Have you spoken to your doctor about getting the Mirena taken out? All of the advice seems to suggest that this should be done sooner rather than later

C x


Thank you for your replies. I am going to the hospital tomorrow to have the Mirena removed. I have to have a scan first to check the position of it. Not really looking forward to having it removed as it hurt enough getting it put in x


Sorry to hear about this lack of support; it's obviously not your fault and I hope people realize this soon. I wonder about what you said though; I'm in the U.S., which I know has a very different health care system, but it's not uncommon for people here to give birth and have a hysterectomy the same day. You may want to look into it; maybe it's not common but still possible, especially if a doctor understands the circumstances. Good luck!


Update- went for my scan this morning. The coil is not in place anymore, the nurse said as I bleed heavily and have clots I probably just passed it with my period. There was also no sign of a baby. Had to have blood tests to rule out an ectopic pregnancy x


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