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Bleeding following second Lap


I had my second lap and Hysteroscopy two weeks ago and have sufferered severe pain ever since. On Tuesday this week, I started with quite heavy bleeding - I have previously been prescribed tranexamic acid and have been taking this since Wednesday, but the bleeding has not stopped. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I don't want to go back to the hospital, it's a 70 mile drive/ 3 trains and the nurses were all incredibly rude and unhelpful to me, putting me off wanting to go back, and I saw my surgeon briefly following the op, who told me he had found some deep endo, but I would have to wait three months for my follow up appointment to find out more!! - My GP never seems to know what to do but I'm not sure how much longer I can continue with this pain and bleeding,

Any help would be very appreciated.


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poor thing. i had the same. outrageous asking you to wait 3 months. You need to get a little assertive( I had to become a bad patient!..and im a nurse) and phone consultant or outpatients and demand appointment asap. Change your GP...and get GP also t ask for urgent appointment..get strong painkillers and another drug which can help bleeding is Norethisterone which is also used to treat Endo. Helps me.Whatever you do...don't give up and keep demanding help..its the only way(sadly!).jx


T acid can take a while to work..so don't panic and check you are taking max dose. I bled for a while..the lap can upset your system and the bleeding and pain nothing to panic about but you need to be seen :)



Thanks for your reply on this one. I know, I phoned the secretary, like the nurses suggested and she gave me the same info - helpful obviously!!

I've been a nightmare - got myself re-referred to Guildford, my GP wrote the letter at the beginning of Oct, and I had my op 11th Jan, persistance seems to have paid off, despite my local hospital where I had my first Lap done, telling me I should go and get pregnant to solve my problem (i'm 21 and single, can barely pay my bills as it is atm.) My GP is great, it's just the DR that I saw, who wasn't my usual GP who was terrible - mine is on holiday for another week!

I'm taking the max dosage of t'acid - my dad's a pharmacist, so always supervises my dosages of everything anyway! I've been taking the stuff for almost a week now though, shouldn't be taking it much longer at the levels I am!

Think I'll have to go upto A & E tonight, at the hospital that messed up my first lap don't have the time, money or feel well enough to travel for over two hours tonight to Guildford!

Thanks so much for all of your advice!



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