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Zoladex Injections

Hi Ladies

I've got a couple of questions about Zoladex that I hope you can help me with (for those that have been on this treatment).

- Before getting started on the injections for the first time did you see a doctor to get an assessment? If so, did you have things like blood pressure taken, weight, etc.

- Were you ever given the option to self-inject or did you go down to see a nurse/doctor every 28 days? I was told that the nurse can show me how to inject myself so was just wondering if this is common practice.

Thanx :-)

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Hello Dixie22,

I have had 3 injections of zoladex, i was never offered to inject myself I always went to the hospital and they did this for me. I also never had an assesment to begin with, if I remember correctly he offered me the treatment and I had the first one that night. They injected mine straight into my tummy.

Hope the treatment works for you.




I had no assessment beforehand, and I've never been offered the option to inject myself; in fact our surgery treats Zoladex injections as a minor medical procedure and not all the practice nurses can do it (or aren't allowed to, I don't know).

Good luck!

C x


Hi Dixie22

I've just finished a course of Zoladex injections. I didn't have an assessment beforehand, and I was never offered the chance to self inject. I had my injections at the hospital by a specific nurse, as Chrissie66 has said, not all nurses are allowed to give the injections.

Good luck with the treatment

Angela XxX


Thanx for the responses - much appreciated....very hepful :-)

So far I haven't heard/come across anyone that has self injected. I think I'll opt to go & have the injections done at the practice especially judging by the size of the needle used!

Thanx again x


I didn't have an assessment either, my consultant recommended it so I just went along to the docs every month for it. (The three month didn't work for me wouldn't recommend it). The doctor did mine each month, usually with an anaesethic first. Never any mention of self injecting and I don't think I'd have fancied it either! Better left to the professionals in my opinion. I am quite surprised by that because I know it costs £100 a monthly shot so you think that want to ensure it was done correctly. Good luck, take care x


Hi, I had no assessment either - just was recommended after surgery by the consultant so I had a think for a day and went back in to the hospital for my 1st injection. After that I made an appointment at my GP practice each month and the Practice Nurse did the injection - she is excellent and most times it was a slight sting but that was all (the first one had really really HURT and was done by a Dr...). Best wishes.


Thanx for your replies & best wishes. It'll be my 1st time on Zoladex so I'm gonna need all the luck I can get!! x


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