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My life with Endo

I always thought there was something wrong with me, when i was a teenager I used to take time off school with my periods. Despite going to the doctors several times they just told me to go on the pill. Over the last 15 years I tried several different types of pills and my mood swings were all over the place. I tried my best to come off the pills but the clotting and pain was so severe I always went back on them. I had several scans to which docs replied that there was nothing wrong with me and that i would 'grow out' of the bad periods. It was until i got married 3 years ago, when I started trying for a family did doctors take me seriously. I eventually went to see a gynaecologist who said straight away that he suspected I that i had endometriosis. I had never heard of endometriosis before, I had a lap a year and half ago which diagnosed it. In a way I felt relief that I now knew what was causing me all the pain and discomfort but I never anticipated the lack of understanding and support from others. Some days the paid was so bad I felt like fainting, it was a struggle to get through the day & especially with watching friends and family members conceive so easily and have babies. Some days at work i felt so ill but I was determined to get to 5pm as i didn't want a bad sickness record. A couple of times i asked my manager if i could leave early and the responses were ' just go home and get a hot water bottle' 'it's only period pains' 'it's a figment of your imagination' and one really hurtful comment off my own pregnant sister was 'at least you've got your ovaries' to name a few. I couldn't believe the ignorance. I'm still facing this today and I know it's difficult for people to understand when they don't have this condition but it doesn't take much to show a bit of sympathy and understanding but all i've come across is ignorance and it really gets me down. Recently tried 8 months of zoladex which was like a breath of fresh air, even with the hot flushes and joint pain it was better than bleeding every day. Before I started zoladex i couldn't even walk upstairs without bleeding so any type of exercise was out of the question. Whilst on zoladex i joined the gym and felt much fitter. I came of the zoladex 5 months ago only to find that my periods are exactly the same as before, i am totally disheartened as I really thought it would have helped. I am back to trying for a family and I go to gynaecologist every 4 months, I would love to have a family. I really don't think that people without this realise how lucky they are. I am determined not to let it take over my life but i have to admit some days endo has won and i end up feeling so depressed. I've even noticed some people i thought were my friends are keeping their distance from me at a time when i need some support. My husband doesn't always understand but he has been going through a difficult time with redundancy and although he has found another job it doesn't pay well so there is a lot of reliance on my salary which is another pressure on me, He gets angry with me when i have mood swings even though i try to explain that im not feeling well. Most of the time he has been supportive and i don't know what i would do if he wasn't around, i think sometimes i try to push him away and at times i've said to him to go get another women and have a family. I do worry because we are in our 30's and my husband would make the best dad in the world as he loves kids and i feel like a failure for putting our relationship through this. I really feel that endometriosis isn't widely known and doctors should be aware of symptoms so that diagnosis is much sooner, i waited 15 years to be offically diagnosed and i don't think that is good enough. With more and more women having this condition i feel that better research should be carried out and more awareness made of the condtion. facebook and blogs like this are a step in the right direction in terms of spreading the word and supporting each other through this.

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Hi... After reading this I was wondering have you ever tried acupuncture for pain relief/ fertility problems ? Xx


Hi, yes i did try acupuncture for about 6 weeks. I couldn't afford much more as it was £35 for 45 mins. I didn't notice any difference to be honest. Also, was a bit put off as the needle when through vein on my wrist which left a lump. I'm open to try any other ideas such other complementary medicines as well. x


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