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So I got told today that I will be called into a meeting for my job and it doesn't look good because of all the time I have had off for my operation and absence. So I haven't been very happy. And then I come home and my partner is being funny with me yet again. He has been there through all my appointments with my specialists gynaecologist everything and he turns around to me and says but it's only a small bit of endometriosis you can't be that ill all the time. I told him to read up about it then you will understand, he said no I haven't got time for that shit. The one person who I thought would understand because he's been in to the appointments thinks I'm lying or does not believe me. He literally is the only person I've got and it kills me inside to think he doesn't give a shit. So I guess I'm on my own with this on so I guess I'm on my own with this one, my life is so horrible and I pray to be better one day. If he fell unwell I would be there for him all the time and I would never be accuse him of lying. So I'm going to pack my things and find myself somewhere to stay without him in my life. Endometriosis has took every last bit of me, it's made me fall out with some really good friends because they didn't believe me. It hurts my family to see me at this pain and it has cost me my marriage, my home, my job, everything. How much more is it going to take off me? I wish I had my life back!

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  • Hi I'm so sorry you are going through so much at the moment. Just wanted to let you know you're not alone. Things will get better. Stay strong . We are all here if you need us.

  • Hi Naomi. I'm so sorry things are so tough for you just now. It is a horrible illness that affects all areas of our lives. I too have been cautioned about my absence levels at work which stresses me out and I can also empathise with your situation with your husband. My husband has been very supportive on the whole but sometimes I can tell he is fed up and thinks I am making a big deal about nothing. My mum is a huge support to me and nothing makes me feel better than a cuppa and a moan with my mum. I really hope you have someone in your life who can give you a hug and a shoulder to cry on right now. xxx

  • Hi Darling, sorry your having a hard time,

    It's hard for people to see what we are going through, and although they are not dealing with pain, I think it's hard for them, as men they think they should be able to protect us and when they can't they struggle to cope with this, this is no excuse for your husband to say those things, but we all have hard times when we dont cope as well as other times,

    Only you know your relationship with him, but if you think it's worth the try, maybe you should find a way of making him see more about the condition, how the amount dosnt relate to the pain level,

    A lot if what our loved ones say and feel is down to the stress and strains that a illness can have on a relationship,

    Regarding your condition, are you being seen at a BSGE centre and being given the best advice and treatment?

    I hope you and your husband find the right solution for you both


  • No what is a BSGE centre and I there is no where I can get help and support feel so alone I have no one and thank you xxxx

  • Hi Hun. Basically it's a specialist endo centre. If you look on the website you will find one near to you. You can the ask to be referred to the one you want. The have specifically trained to treat and recognise all forms of endo. Also look up Lindle on here she is amazing, and will be able to give so much more advise on finding a good specialist. Take care Hun.

  • Girl I understand where you are coming from. My guardian suppose to go with me to my next appointment and I am a little afraid of that, because all I have been telling her what the doctor said (or should have been saying and doing) I'm afraid he may not say that when she's there. So it would make me look like I'm telling the untruth.and it's hard getting through something like that when you have a person that you trust so much and they think you are making it up as you go It hurts you and make you want to be alone with no support from that direction. So I get you on that. I wish we could go together because we both are dealing with the same disease so we know how it is.

  • And I am not sure if I should even feel that way.

  • Sorry about everything that's happening. It's not fair but I think it's hard if you haven't experienced the pain to sympathise. I'm struggling with this with my family atm. Which is part of the reason I came on here lots of arguments with my mum because apparently I come home and say I'm in pain too often, you would think she feel bad but think like others have said they argue because for them it's hard because there is nothing they can do to make it go away. Not saying it's okay and it's hard to deal with everything about endo and have no support especially on the days when you feel at your worst. Have you been given anything to ease to pain a bit just to make things a little bit more bearable?

  • Yes huni I'm on mophine and tramadol xxxx

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