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Scan was clear. What's the next step?

I've just got back from my utrasound scan and was told everything was fine.... it was frustrating. I ended up having a cry with my Mum saying 'I didn't want them to think I was making it up!'

What should my next step be? Thanks ladies.

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My scan was clear too. I think they try to rule out other things first such as ovarian cysts etc... To be honest the only sure-fire way of diagnosing endo seems to be a Laparoscopy.

Please don't cry, just keep pushing for further investigations and I hope they sort you out soon :) xx


I had two ultrasounds which showed nothing! Finally after months of persistence with doctors visits, I had a laparoscopy done turns out I had a cyst on my ovary which wasn't found on ultrasound scans and endometriosis so I think ultrasounds aren't relevant when it comes to diagnosing something. I understand ur frustration and feeling like everyone thinking ur making it up but keep being persistent, you know ur body xxxx


My 2 scans were clear. They said there may have been a popped cyst (or may have just been ovulating!!)

They made me wait 6 months and I have next app with gyne in 3 weeks. They said I can discuss lap next time. Can't wait I'm in so much pain :(

Don't give up just keep on and they will do lap



Hi - as the others have said an ultrasound is not a diagnostic test for endo. If you happen to have a particular type of cyst on your ovaries that is caused by endometriosis (an endometrioma) then it will pick this up but it won't any other of the more common forms of endo. So this is just the start of the investigation process. What you now need to do is learn all you can about endo so that you can take control of your treatment from now on. Click on my name and read my first post on endo and the one on Pouch of Douglas endo to see what you identify with. Also look at my post on how to find a specialist. If you have symptoms suggestive of endo then make sure these are all recorded in your medical records and get a referral for a lap. x


Thank you very much everyone for replying! I will make another appointment with my doctor. I read your post about the Pouch of Douglas yesterday Lindle! Was so helpful. I might print off that post and highlight all of the simptoms I have and take it to my next appointment. Thank you all again!


All my test and scans were clear it took me about two years , and Finally i had a lap in January and I did have endo, you need to keep pushing the docs or they don't seem to bother! Perhaps get reffered to a gyne , a lap is the only 100 percent diagnosis x


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