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endo/adhesions in lower back?

Wondering if anyone has ever developed endo or adhesions in the lower back? My back pain started a few months before my first lap but my GP said it was just my joints and to take some cod-liver oil. Ever since my lap the pain in my back can get really bad sometimes. It's my lower back, right in the middle between my hips. Not sure my gynae looked that far into my body but wondering if some endo implants were missed. Not even sure endo can go there? Anyone else have this problem?

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Hi there,

My pain goes through to my back, my gynae says it is endo or adhesions on the nerves at the back of the pelvis. The nerves get irritated and make it feel like it is actually somewhere else, like a referred pain.

I use a TENS machine or heat pad for mine and they really help :-)



This is interesting to me, I have had lower back pain (like period and labour pain) for over three months now, had my first Gynae appointment 13th Dec, where I was told to get referred to orthopaedics!! I am taking Tramadol, Cocodamol, Buscopan and Voltarol and find that a hot water bottle or heat cushion really helps.

Amb x


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