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Endo or adhesions

Hi. After a bit of advice? I have had 3 laparoscopies over the last 10 years, but none to treat endo. On the last one I had my fallopian tubes removed in 2010. I am now having serve pain in my right groin, right thigh, lower back and rectum. My gynecologist has today said, due to not having painful sex, she is recommending a course of induced menopause for 3 months. In the hope of finding if it is endo or adhesionsI was hoping if anyone could advise what the next steps would be after the treatment? I am 33, have no children. Thanks all x

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I was told by my consultant that the menopause (GNRH) would "test" my pain. He said if I got pain relief from the injections than my pain was due to endometriosis. If this was the case, a hysterectomy would be beneficial.

I had one injection and my pelvic pain did improve but I suffered terribly from other side effects from the drugs. So I had to stop.

Adhesions also cause a lot of pain but by what I understand, this type of pain will not be relieved by the GNRH drugs.

Best of luck.

Barbara x


Hi Kerry,

It's just my view but I can't for the life of me figure out why doctors give GnRH drugs to induce the menopause to use as a diagnostic tool. These are powerful drugs that mess with your pituitary gland and have huge risks for longterm damage not to mention the unpleasant side effects. I'd give this proposal a wide berth.

What were your laps for in the past? Diagnostic? Who did them, the same gynae?

If I were you I'd switch to an endo specialist or pay to go to see one. Just because you don't have painful sex doesn't mean you don't have endo. I just feel this is a silly course of action. Have you had any scans?

Sorry. Have my period today. Feeling very ranty! x


Hi both,

Thanks for the replies. My first laparoscopy for diagnostic, my 2nd was to drain my fallopian tubes and my 3rd was to remove them.

2 years ago I had the same pain and was bleeding all the time. It was recommended that I go back on the pill as my womb was dropping all the time.

In hindsight now I feel this was a symptom of endo. In my referral letter my gp has asked if I could be adhesions from my previous ops. The gynecologist said today that due to the amount of laps I have had, she wanted to go down this route first.

I am so confused. If I go forward with th treatment how would this affect my chances of IVF?

No worries about the rant, it is nice to have the chance to chat with people who understand.

Thanks both xxxxx


Also my 3 laps were conducted in north west England and I am now living in south Wales xx


Yes kerry56,

I was asked the same question only I have already had my cervix and uterus removed, I did mind you have painful sex prior to that but why would it be painful now? It seems like there not taking a personal approach to ask that question it just textbook and doesn't necessarily mean if you don't have painful sex that you don't have endometriosis or adhesions. And prescribing a drug so powerful, were any of your other three surgeries just diagnostic? You do risk adhesions and scarring after each surgery and I am appalled that they do them sometimes without the intention of addressing the issues of adhesions and endo at the same time. Sorry that your in this position, I'm kinda there myself and don't like the sounds of the side effects from the drugs they recommend. I don't know how old you are now, I am fifty and already have to worry about bone loss, I would suggest to you if you are considering this treatment to first get a bone density scan. You want to make sure your not in a position to do yourself more harm to your bones than your body can take.


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