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New pain plan starting today

OK well as I said in my last blog I am planning to have an "offense is the best defense" approach to pain from now on so today I had some pain at work.

I have waited until I actually "came on" because sometimes I get some pain a few days before and I don't want to waste the bulk of my naproxen on early pain and then spend the 2 nasty days in pain because I jumped the gun.

Anyway I just came on so I have taken 2 naproxen and it is 10:40pm

Not really feeling much pain at all yet but I'd rather take pain relief now that wake up in pain.

So we shall see how things go.

When I get up I will need to take another Naproxen and then if I get any pain at all I will start taking paracetamol on top of the naproxen.

Hopefully this will nip pain in the bud

Fingers crossed


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Hope it worked and you had a good sleep!



I also hope this works for you. I'm also trying to manage my pain. All we can do is try things hey.


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