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Anyone elses' boobs got smaller due to oestrogen suppression?

I got told by a GP a few years ago that oestrogen is what drives the size of your boobs. He said that women who have a lot of orgasms can see a change in breast size as orgasms make you release oestrogen. I've always been either a 34b or a 32c depending on the bra but since I've been taking my norethisterone 6 months at a time my boobs have dropped to a 34a!!

I feel like I'm turning into somebody else, smaller boobs, hardly any libido at all and a massively bloated tummy, constantly. I wonder sometimes what my bf still sees in me :(

Has anyone else noticed a change in their boobs because of hormone treatment? x

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Wow I had no idea they were related, but yes!! That makes a lot of sense. i recently started taking cerazette and have gone down from a 32DD to a 30C. Didn't realise how mcuh of a difference it would make. I don't mind though, I'm much happier with them small!x


I would love 30C boobs, just glad I've got a good arse! lol


OMG i am so glad someone else has noticed this.....i used to be a 30E, i was on Prostap for 4months, i am yet to get remeasured but im currently floating around in my bra's....not amused!!


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