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Hi all,

Hope you are as well as can be?

I was wondering where the best place to get heat mats/pads from? I experience pelvic, lower back, thigh and leg aches pretty much everyday. Some days I experience them all and on other days a couple of them but permanently the pelvic pain. :( until i'm hoping the pill will kick in and get rid of it once and for all.


Toral x

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  • Hi Tozzy, sorry you are in such pain, I like to use those heat pads when it's not convenient to use a hot water bottle or my heated cushion. They are usually available in most pharmacies, however, my mum did once get them from a Supermarket (don't think I should mention which one lol) and they were much cheaper but just as effective.


  • Hi Amb,

    Thank you so much for your reply I never thought about a heated coushion before will have to get one of those too :)

    Take care and thank u once again.

    Toral x

  • Cheapest place for heat disposal patch is place like savers

  • Thanks for the info :))

  • Hi Tozzy,

    The heat pads are available from pharmacies. I find the Deep Heat ones work the best. A hot water bottle (or wheat bags heated in microwave) also does the trick.....combined with pain killers and above all, try do avoid stress and tension.

    I pray it helps.

    Take care!

  • Hi Tozzy, hope you are comfortable today.

    This is the heat cusion I have, fortunately it was a gift as it is quite expensive :( I find it a godsend, it has three heat settings and shuts of after 75 minutes, in case you fall asleep (fingers crossed). There are obviously others available, from other stores. Try Google. xxx


  • Hi Ladies,

    Thank you so much for your replies. I now know where to start looking for heat pads/coushions.

    Hope u have a good day :)

    Toral x x x

  • Hi Tozzy,

    I swear by the ones from Poundland - I picked them up one day not expecting much, but it was still hot after about 10 hours. You get them in a pack of 2 for £1 so can't really complain!

    My other half works on windows and has started pinching them from me to keep his hands toastie at work, so we both like them more than the more expensive ones. (They are called masterplast I think and you get self-adhesive ones and ones that aren't sticky too).

    Hope this helps!

    Emily xxx

  • Hi Emily,

    Thank you so much for your reply I will be sure to make a trip there.


    Toral x x x

  • Agree with the above, poundland ones are great. I also recently got an electric blanket which I never thought I would do (bit Granny ish!) and it's great I love it and helps with the pain ; ) xx

  • Hi Anna,

    Thank u so much for your reply, I never thought about an electric blanket. May just have to hint to family about one for Christmas ;))

    Toral x x

  • I use a mini hot water bottle on the go and a larger one at home. I know a friend had them prescribed by her doctor also you can get topical anesthetic patches with lidocaine in them. i have some but doctors don't like to give out as they are expensive. If to=you need the medical term for dressing then message me.

    Hope that helps :) xxDee

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