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I had my lap on Thursday after 3 years of doctors fobbing me off saying I was too young to have endo etc... Woke up from my procedure in lots of pain, spoke to my gynocologist and surprise, surprise they found the endo & have got rid of it for now. He has told me to start trying for children asap to see if it has already effected my fertility.

I am now in a lot of pain recovering, I cannot walk for very long, I feel drained & nakered all the time & my insides are doing flips they don't know whether they are coming or going.

Hopefully this will get better once I reach the 1 week mark.

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wow so are you going to try for kids?

I wish I were in the position to do that x


I have a daughter before I got endometriosis which I am very greatful for now more than ever. But yes I am really hoping to conceive once again but the doctors have told me it is likely my fertility has been affected by the endometriosis.

Im sorry to hear that, how is your endometriosis?



Hi there. I had the same, it took years an years of being fobbed off and they only took me seriously back in August as the pain had become constant throughout the month. I had my lap on 9th November. I was initially signed off work for two weeks, but ended up having one month of. I too was drained and exhausted. It took me two weeks to leave the flat. I got an infection which was unfortunate, however after my post op follow up appt three weeks later, i was still drained and my Gynae informed me that it was still the effects of the anaesthetic and not to go back to work until ready. I have been back one week but I was tired out but ok. Just do what your body tells you to do and rest as long as you need.

Mine was stage 2 and I was advised to go straight on Dianette now in order for me to stop it effecting my fertility a the pill will stop it growing (hopefully). Basically I would have to plan any pregnancy and take the risk of coming off the pill and it coming back. Everyone is different though.

Good luck with the recovery and take it easy x


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