Finally, I've got some answers...communication breakdowns

Go to see a proper endo gynae today, get there thinking its just gonna be an underling but nope to my surprise its the big man himself, bare in mind I started to flair yesterday I'm jangling by the time I get there, literally dragged myself I wasn't gonna miss that appointment! So next thing I do is the questionnaires (pelvic pain and another basic one) I'm rocking back and forth on the chair with back pain, peter is sat next to me going 'calm down' like I've got any control...yep typical man! So anyway 45 mins it took me, I finally give them back and almost wee myself :/ so then a few mins of waiting we get called, go in sit down, and right there I focus my mind (idk how I did it) my pain dies down and I start asking questions straight away, not one of those questions he didn't have an answer in front of him for...I'm thinking hmmm all of these must have been in my file, I've specified I want copies of any letters to the gp these should have been sent to me!!! So I say do you have an idea of stage? He picks up a piece of paper, turns it towards me and I clearly see it had been sent to the gp, I'm reading it and its everything they found during the lap, he talks me through as follows, the ovary is attached to scar tissue (nodule) that's attached the rectum not the actual ovary, the MRI confirms there are large areas on the bowel and full obliteration of the pod which had free fluid that was removed, deep infiltration of the bowel tube (forget the name the poop shoot as my nephew calls it) and a few other bits and bobs of information, I then pulled up my top and showed him my little friend, he nodded in agreement when I said I have a cyst. So anyway staging he finishes explaining the lap results and says so to answer your question it all tells me stage 4 bowel endo, the endo doesn't seem to have effected your uterus its localised to the pod and bowel. I just started crying, not because it was stage 4, I expected it, the relief just washed over me. Anyway I'm back in June, for a meeting with boss man the bowel surgeon and another specialist, he wants to operate, he can't do it alone these other 2 need to help him as its a big op and a long recovery.

I'm not sure how I feel right now, the pains are back but my mind is strangely silent its a strange feeling to have answers, finally! Xx

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That's good news Hun at least now you know what you are dealing with and hopefully once you've had the op you'll be a lot better. Good luck and keep us updated.

Hi, I can understand the 'cry'. When I was told that I had endometriosis from the gyneacologist who did a laparoscopy, I cried, too. It was the relief of knowing the cause of pain, frequent bowel movement etc, etc. So good luck in the surgery, I too am waiting for the surgery now to get this sorted. Hope we will be pain free in the near future! x

Good luck yourself hun, take it easy and look after yourself I'm here if you need a chat the operation lead-up can be terrifying xx

Thank you very much, xnanookx! Yes, it can be terrifying but I think not to have op is much more terrifying and it will be a lot better after the op, so we will be better! xx

Call me Kelly hun xx

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