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Stage 3/4 endometriosis diagnosis

I had a laproscopy on Monday and was diagnosed with stage 3/4 endo. My left ovary and tube is totally encased and attached to my bowel, because of this my bowel is shaped at a right angle which makes it extremely difficult and painful to go to the toilet. My consultant couldn't actually see My ovary or tube. I also have some endo on my right side and in the centre too. I have just had the four week prostap injection and then gotta have another which will last 3 months. I feel absolutely rotten and worse than I did before the procedure. Is this normal? My stitches kill. Anyone know how long they will take to dissolve? I am currently off work but am due back in just over a week. I am so tired all the time. Please someone tell me that this will get better. Woud be nice to hear from others in the same boat as me.

Lots of love

Vicky xxx

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Hi Vicky,

I have stage 4 endometriosis and am currently on my way into hospital now as I type to have my next laparoscopy. I had my first I'm July, things wil get better, I have very similar to you. My left ovary and tubes cannot be see all hidden by endo, my bowel, uterus, bladder and ovarys are basically all stuck together in a ball!...

This op is my last chance to clear as much as possible so that I can hopefully get pregnant! Things will get better Vicky, you're not alone! I know it can feel that way sometimes but this site gives great help and support ...

Take care

Big hugs xxxx


Thank you so much for your reply kelbel. I really hope your op has gone well. Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Take care xx


Hi Vicky

I hope you are feeling a bit better today. It will be 3 weeks ago tomorrow since I had my lap and like you they found stage 3/4 with everything stuck together so I understand exactly how you feel.

All I can tell you is that I felt bad for the first few days and then started to improve gradually and every few days felt a little bit better and now I am much closer to normal, bloating reduced a bit and I can reach my own feet to put my socks on now!

It was very sore to start with and I am still in discomfort with one wound now but the others have all but gone. I was very tired too and am still ready for bed by 8.30pm! Try not to worry it will get better, give in to it and sleep in the day if you can, I am sure you will find a big difference soon.

Just be aware - I was in great discomfort when I had a biopsy some time ago and was worried thinking it was the stitches so went to see the nurse at my GP practice and she said it was so painful because I was allergic to the dressing (have never been allergic to anything like that before) she changed it and it was fine.

Wishing you well. Take care

Rachel x


Hi Rachel,

Thank you so much for your reply.

Take care xx


Thank you so much. I have two incisions. One on my left side and one inside my belly button. They are both sore but the one in my belly button is red and crusty!! Doc said to go back to have them removed if they have dissolved by end of this week so may need to make an appointment.



I have stage four endrometriosis and now have been booked in for a hysterectomy removal of ovaries and womb, my bowel is stuck too and I've been told there's a slight chance I could end up with a bag, which scares me to death, I have my per op in January then maybe April it will take place, I will be in for four days or more, they need two to three surgeons, then my biggest problem is I have three level disc disease which now I am disabled at 39, so they are concerned about my back as I have to go through this surgery and it will be along one, as they might be cutting me upwards or across my tummy, so the laying in bed unable to move will put more strain on me. I've had two laparoscopy which found my endrometriosis and my stuck bowel, I was ok with that op but am so terrified off this one as I don't want to have a bag. My husband and I don't have children due to all my problems, and his low sperm count, so knowing that this is it no children is so hard to deal with as we've always wanted children, but I couldn't pick the child up as my back has no muscle left. But it's the end for me which really hurts as I always thought one day it might happen, and we could work around it. I hope you start to feel better soon, I no it's hard but hang in there. You can do it. Take care natalie


Thank you so much for your reply Natalie. I am s very sorry to hear that you are having a hard time too. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well for you.

It has been over a week now since my lap and I still feel really rotten. Stomach is really sore touch and I am tired all the time. I have had my stitches removed now as the one inside my belly button wasn't healing properly. I am still signed off work but am due back on Thursday!!! Don't know how I'm gonna cope with that. I am feeling very down and wondering why did this have to happen to me. Take care xx


Hi Thankyou for replying to me, I feel really daft but does a lap mean a hysterectomy or a laparoscopy ? I don't think you will be going to work just yet don't go back until you feel ready, I no how you feel about feeling down and low I'm on antidepressants due to all my illnesses getting me down, as I no longer can work, and now with this new op due it's making me not sleep, but it's nice to hear I'm not alone, I have said that so many times why me what did I do to deserve not being able to be a mum, dissabled and with all this other rubbish going on, it hurts cause my wonderful mum blames herself says its her fault as she gave birth to me which I think is silly, but yes it really makes you low. But I'm here anytime if you just want to chat, I don't no if I can help but I'm a good listener and will give it my best shot to support you through this awful time. Chin up your be back in your feet soon it just takes time. But it will be the other way around in four months, take care and if need a chat just text me anytime. Natalie x


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