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Would you say endometriosis is an auto-immune disease and if so is there anything that can be done to treat this through medication or diet?


I was just wondering if any of you have been told that endo is an auto-immune disease and if so can this be treated through either medication, homeopathy or diet? My consultant has not mentioned this but as I suffer from fatigue, severe migraines, countless colds and sinus issues I did some research and it seems that some think it is an auto-immune disorder. I can't seem to find any info on what I could be doing to treat this though. I am trying the endo diet strictly now since my second lap but not sure of how much of a difference this makes. I do not want to take any medication which is contraceptive as ttc. Any ideas?


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Also meant to say that it is reversing the auto-immunity I am interested in if possible as well as improving immunity in general.


It's often described as auto-inflammatory - so instead of your body attacking its own tissues, it's more that the abnormal endo tissue causes lots of inflammation and hence pain. My gynae said that while many women get endometrial cells in their peritoneum after a period, most will not get endo as their immune system mops up the cells, and it's thought to be an abnormal response that leads to endo growth and inflammation. That said, it is only a theory and nobody knows for sure what causes endo.

I know since my symptoms started I've been more prone to colds etc. (though I have endo symptoms none was found in a lap) - I'm not sure what can be done about boosting your immune system other than eating well and getting adequate rest.

Sorry this might not help much.

A :)



this kinds explains it xx


Thanks. I wish there was an answer to sort it out. Wouldn't it be great if someone just discovered that you have to cut something out your diet and you won't get endo n your immune system will sort it out!


Since my last lap 2 weeks ago I have started taking Propolis (got mine from Amazon). Which is supossed to be a natural supplement to boost your immune system. It's too early to tell but I'm going to see how I get on over the winter months.

Take care x


I've not heard of that. Can you get it from Holland and Barrett and is it ok to take if ttc and taking multivitamins?


also take Magnesium and Vitamin B-100 complex and they do help too.. it help to reduce tiredness and help the brain as well... hope that helps and they are under Holland and Barrett xx


As someone who has had autoimmune disease all my life - starting with juvenile rhuematoid arthritis and progressing through lupus, APS and sjogrens syndrome over the course of 40 odd years, I do wish it was simply a case of 'reversing the auto-immunity' as you put it. There are of course lifestyle changes you can make which will help ease the symptoms if you are lucky but sadly at the moment it is not something that is curable as such.

You are right that there are links between the endo and other autoimmune conditions but just having endometriosis does not mean that you have or will have an autoimmune condition. I believe that the situation is not quite the same in reversal, there is definitely a link between having an autoimmune condition and a greater chance of having endometriosis alongside it (as I do).

I firmly believe that there is a strong hormonal link as well as genetic and so battling any hormonal imbalance is probably a good way to go. I am currently following a vitamin and herbal regime to try and tackle my oestrogen dominance alongside a healthy organic diet. I have not seen any positive changes to date either with the endo problems or my autoimmune symptoms - I have not been on the regime for several months yet though so I reserve judgement as to whether it will have an effect. I also had problems ttc so can understand your reluctance to go down the contraceptive route - I would read up everything you can by people such as Marilyn Glenville, Zita West, etc who suggest alternative ways of tackling ttc with endo etc.

All the best!


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