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Do you have any top tips for preparing and recovering from endometriosis surgery that you would be able to share?

We're compiling a list of top tips to help women preparing for endometriosis surgery. If you have any tips, these can cover anything that you've felt helped you prepare for surgery and/or made you feel better after surgery, please share them below.


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I was given a leaflet on the surgery which is produced by the nhs which helped explain what was going to happen which I found useful. I would say ask questions if you need to as I was given lots of opportunities to do this on the day of the op as they need to check you are ok before progressing. Wear loose fitting clothes and dont rush your recovery! I wish I had taken a few more days off as I was tired (only had 2 days off).

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If you are a single person living alone then I would say prepare some food before hand that can be stored in the freezer so that after surgery you don't have to spend too much time up cooking or have friends bring you meals. I was living alone after my first major surgery and stayed with family for a couple of days after op but preferred to go back to my place sooner to continue recovering and it was really helpful for me to not have to cook much for the first week or so.

I would also agree with the comments above. Not rushing your recovery is essential, sometimes in the first few days you feel better and wrongfully think you can start to get back into your normal routine and then m this may make you feel worse and actually hinder recovery. I think we really need to allow ourselves to rest and not try and be super women rushing back to things like work before we are truly ready.

Stay positive

Listen to your body, if you start feeling unwell contact GP

If you need to have a follow up appointment write down a list of questions to ask your consultant so you fully understand what the next steps are.

Take some probiotics after surgery, this helps build up your good bacteria which is especially useful if you are given antibiotics to take to prevent infections.

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I would suggest what the ladies above have suggested. I also would suggest in purchasing a body pillow, they are great support and comfort after surgery.


V pillow

Probiotic yogurt

Peppermint tea for gas

Box sets and films

And plenty of rest


Lactulose and tinned apricots to prevent constipation post surgery which is caused by anaesthetic/certain painkillers and if you are less mobile/resting up.


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