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Need some advice on bleeding after laparoscopy

I had a laparoscopy just over three weeks ago which included having a new mirena fitted. I'm recovering quite well, gone back to work etc. But the bleeding hasn't stopped. I thought it had almost ceased a couple of days ago but now it's back in full flow. I'm not sure if it's still the post-op bleeding or whether I have gone straight into an early period as my last one actually started the day before the op. Anyone else had this experience. Not sure whether to go back to doctor or not. Thanks for any advice.

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The mirena coil takes a while to settle down.. had mine for 9 months now and it's only just began to settle down! However they are still very irregular. The doctors will just tell you that the coil needs to settle down into your system and it can take a few months! All you can do is wait for it too settle


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