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Pill treatment for over 35 and smoker?

Hi all, after my gyni sugested taking the pill back to back to try and reduce endo, I made a doctor's appointment for Wednesday to discuss this and fertility as he was not helpful. So I'm sat here looking up info on the pill and have read this is not advised for anyone over 35 which I will be in July, and not for smokers which I am! I know very naughty I should quit but easier said than done when I'm stressed I'm smoking more! So now I'm wondering if this gyni was wrong about sugesting this? Anyone else on pill and over 35 or smoker?? Feeling like that gyni appointment was waste of time so hoping doctor will be more helpful but thought I'd ask so I'm prepared this time! Thanks x

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Hi I think is a bit dangerous to take the pill if you are a smoker and over 35, but i think they can give the mini pill in such cases but I dont know if it is effective for endo. Just keep in mind that endo might not grow while you are on the pill, so if the pill works for you then the pain and symptoms will be masked, but the actual endo will not be reduced.

I quit smoking too, so I know what you mean, but its just a decision and the best one you could make for you and your family etc. I suggest you go through the whyquit.com it is excellent site with blogs, articles, books and youtube videos that will help you get rid of the nasty cigarettes if you wish so.

The infertility that smoking can cause is unfortunately very significant, but it can be gradually reversed, i quit as soon as we started trying for a baby. I know that NHS dont fund IVF if you are a smoker and even if done private the success rate is not so good.

Sorry if I didnt help a lot, best of luck x


Hi thanks for reply I know ill need to quit for IVF but as my tubes are bloked it won't make any difference for now. As I've only taken pill once in my 20s and it didn't agree with me so was looking into it. I'm still not convinced its a good idea to start pill if we can get referred for IVF but just trying to look at all the options before appointment this time. All the info my gyni gave me or should I say options he gave me as didn't really get info from him all seemed wrong when I looked into it. He also told me pill would shrink endo so guess that's wrong too then so would the only benifit be pain relief which would be same as my painkillers? I know many people use it to help with heavy periods but that's the only issue I don't have but as the gyni didn't ask about pain or symptoms I'm really doubting everything he said. Just having one of those days where I haven't got a clue what I should be asking for!

Thanks and I have now got a battery cigerette to help cut down for now, so ill get there! X


it is dangerous to take combined pills for smokers so mini pills are ok... as i am smoker but heavy as stressed and being on my own too... it doesnt help at all by smoking... as it aggravate the pains in bowels. so see how you get on... x


My gyno told me to take my pill back to back too and I'm 41 - non smoker. I wasn't too happy with doing this long term but have listened to doc to see if any improvement. I've just had diagnosis of endo after emerg lap in April. Also on monthly injections of Zoladex with my GP.


Hi thanks for replies, glad to know I'm not the only smoker on here ! I didn't know you could have injections and the pill. I wasn't given that option just pill or merina coil but will see what my doctor says can't be as useless as the gyni was! I also found other pills are progesterone ones but then read not if you have had cysts on ovaries so that's out too! I hate the idea of feeding hormones into my body have always not wanted to go back on pill for contraception although with blocked tubes don't have to worry about that side now, but now I know it may help with the endo and hoping it will ease these pains I'm willing to try so just hope the doctor will have a good option for me. Thanks x


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