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HRT or not


I had a TAH/LSO in 2006 another lap in 2007 to remove more endo and had my right ovary removed last month. The consultant put me on hrt elleste solo and I'm using ovestin cream which are both oestrogen based. I am due my follow up in a couple of weeks time but I am now wondering whether it is wise to go down the hrt route in view of the risk of re-occurrence. I just wondered if I came off hrt what could I take instead??


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i had to go through menopause without hrt as it's a hormone replacement and its your hormones that encourage the endo to grow ( i had both ovaries removed ) i now take vitamin d for my bones , sometimes its best to read up about stuff then ask your specialist about it


Thanks - I saw the consultant on Friday and he thinks hrt has minimal risk!! You say you are taking vitamin d when did you start that and did you take any calcium supplements when you went through the menopause?


hi , i didn't start taking vitamin d till last year after havin a bad flare up of illness and having blood tests to see what was going on i now take vitamin c as well as my teeth are suffering too i didn't take hrt as i said as i was advised not too but i got so many symptoms now that they have just classed it as chronic pain


Hi thanks for that but sorry to hear your having other problems. I hope the vitamins start to help. Hope you had as pain free Xmas as possible and Happy New Year to you.


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