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My heads a mess as well as my insides!

I recently had 2nd lap (all clear) and what was due to be cystectomy but turns out it wasn't an ovarian cyst wheb they got in there, then a CT scan, no cyst-I assume it burst as I spend 3 days in hosp on morphine thinking I might actually be a gonner, only to be told be a covering gynae that there's nothing wrong full stop (after 5 years of hell) and I'm being discharged. I was advised that my GP can refer me to a pain clinic, I pointed out that they don't even have a diagnosis (original gynae suspects adenomyosis) and that it was all preposterous, inbetween wailing and after asking her to just clarify for me that she actually wants me to try and cover up an undiagnosed illness with painkillers for the rest of my life, to which she actually said yes, I refused to be discharged and so am off again tomorrow to see my actual consultant armed with 4 pages of A4 detailing every symptom and effect it's having on me as well as all the procedures and medicines I've tried.

I just wanted to rant a little bit as I'm not only sad and tired and frustrated but I'm also increasingly aware that my I just can't hack being in this much pain much longer I may actually lose the plot.

And also thanks very much to all of you who post on here, it keeps people going and makes it all a bit less crap.

Best wishes xxx

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Hi Squid,

I had pretty much the same thing. I'm my second lap they found no endo, just scarring so was sent for therapy. As my symptoms didn't go away and got worse I went back and forth to the gp until they re-refered me to the gynea, who now has said his best guess is that it's adeno....unfortunately he didn't write this in the letter to my GP, he wrote pretty much exactly the same thing as the letter after my lap a year ago and I'm fuming. I know how you feel. Covering up an illness is not the way forward grrrr hugs x


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