unexplained rages

i wanted to ask if any other endo ladies suffer from unexplained rages, i find myself going into complete hormonal rages shouting at the other half, its like i dont even know im doing it, its not me i used to be so easy going only getting stressy at the time of the month, doesnt help that ive been on my period for the last 3 weeks, i wouldnt blame him for upping and leaving me i lash out and say things i dont realise until after wards, im going to speak to the gp on monday and see if there is anything i can take for this i know its a hormone imbalance thats for sure, jsut feel so ashamed of myself for my out bursts and wonder if anyone else was like this, today i snapped because tesco didnt have any gluten free bread.

just feel so sad about it

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  • I know exactly what you mean, the whole situation with endo is so stressful that is so easy to snap and be like that. Plus if you are on any hormonal treatment things can get much worse.

    I'm already a bit like that from time to time, being in pain doesnt help at all...and I dont take any hormones! lol x

  • I could have wrote what you have above! I'm steadily getting worse from feeling nothing to snapping. Yesterday I nearly called my manager a c**t and walked out but thankfully I didn't lol. I don't know what its causing it unless it could be the mirena? I never had rages before my lap back in May. I know a lot of my rage is situational, I hate where I live, my job etc and on top of that my body refuses to co-operate so its a boiling cauldron really.

    Wish I could give you an answer and a cure!

  • Zara19 you mentioned mirena...that is actually gives you constantly progesterone hormone in doses into your body, and this explains a lot about your mood swing.

    Hormones can make us so crazy, I lasted only 2 weeks in hormones and that period I was crying or laughing or snapping with no particular reason! lol x

  • i dont take nay hormones just painkillers, im hoping that when i see the new gynae in december that he can reccomend something that will help me.

    im going to try with no heavy painkillers today just the basics of paracetamol ibuprofen etc and see how my moods are as im pretty sure the painkillers are doing me no good either.

    endo has a huge impact on every aspect of a sufferers life, yet its still so un talked about, you never hear it spoken about in the public eye ever.


  • You are definitely not alone. It makes me wonder why gp's and consultants think it's ok for us to have a period once a month, why not tell all women with endo to go back to back with their pills for 6 months at a time?. I've just had a break from my pill (6 monthly) and omg i thought I was actually gonna go crazy. One minute I'm fine, the next screaming at either my bf or my children and then bursting into tears!! I've now been back on the tablets 3 days and I'm so relieved to feel normal again. It's oestrogen that causes PMT, oestrogen that causes our wombs to cramp, oestrogen that causes endo to grow.....oestrogen is evil stuff but without it we'd never have babies I suppose.

    I know you can get a supplement for ladies in our situation might be worth looking online or in a holland and barratt type shop?

    Let us know what your gp says. Mine has sent me for a second lot of cognitive behaviour therapy....might help I guess!


  • i used to take evening primrose oil which worked a little i think i may have to start again.

    damn you oestrogen


  • My moods got so bad that i am now on anti-depressents, although this is a situation i never wanted to be in i have found that the tabs help me control my moods and feelings surrounding endo, which in turn helps me to deal with the pain... Maybe something to think about? Also if you go on a tab like duloxetine it not only aids depression but also neuropathic pain. xxx

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