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Ok, so I got my letter the other day for my scan. Finally, it can’t come quick enough just hoping it gives me at least some answers.

The first scan I am having is just a normal ultrasound scan but the second which is worrying me a bit in which I had not heard of until I received the letter is a transvaginal scan.

Has anyone else had one of these scans, are they as bad as I am dreading. And what are these scans actually for what can they see and so on?

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I believe that 99% of the ladies here have done this type of scan.

It is a bit uncomfortable but it lasts only a few minutes and it is essential for the doctors to see the ovaries, womb etc and check for abnormalities, cysts etc etc.

The bad thing is that endo CANNOT be seen through any scan (even CT, MRI) unless there is a cyst present etc.

So if your ultrasounds come back clear (as there were in most of us), dont lose hope if they tell you nothing is wrong with you. Put pressure for more checks and remember endo can be seen only through lap. But I truly hope you dont haveendo at all ! :)

Jo x


thank you so much for answering my question.

In a way I know it sounds bad but I am hoping there is a cyst or something so that way they look into it more cause I really cannot cope with the symptoms I am having at the moment.

I will be so annoyed if they say its all clear, just going to keep going back and back and badger them because I know my body does not feel right.


Hi, I had 2 of those and they are a bit uncomfortable but that's about it. They only last for about 5-10 minutes. I had a cyst but then went on to have a laparoscopy. As Jo said, they won't be able to see anything endo with this type of scan.


yes it is uncomfortable and i always say it nice but no pleasure... at least they can be able to see the insides of you but not so clear but the docs will know better... it only take like the other says 5 - 10 mins.. that all...


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