Is the harmonic scalpel used in laparoscopy for removal of endometriosis and adhesions a good method?

I've just found out that my surgeon will be using a harmonic scalpel to excise my endometriosis and adhesions. She also said that barrier methods are not used as apparently there is no proof that they make any difference to adhesions forming afterwards. Just wondering if this is a good method. Has anyone had this used in their laparoscopy?

Thank you

Anna x

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  • I went to the information day at UCL a we weeks ago. We were given a lot of very useful info by 2 consultants. One of the issues raised was whether this scalpel was better than that. His answer was that each surgeon has their own preference. So while it is good for one surgeon, it is not good in hands of another.

    I don't know what was used in my lap as I haven't had follow up yet (nearly 4 months later!), don't know anything about barrier methods.

    Good luck xxx

  • Hello Ladybird

    Thank you for your message. I guess I just need to trust my surgeon that she knows what she is doing. Sometimes I think of maybe not having the lap as it is my choice but if there is a chance that my pain will be reduced from having it then I think it is worth it. Hope you get good results from your lap.

    Anna x

  • Thanks, alas pain wise I've only had a bit of relief, I know he removed some endo though. A lot of people say a lap helps a lot though so I would def do it. Xx

  • Thank you, I've heard that you get the best results from a lap after 6 months so maybe that will happen to you. i'm having acupunture next week to see if it helps with my pain.

    Anna x

  • I'm going to try reflexology. Let me know how the acupuncture goes, I might try that too.

  • I've just had a session of acupunture with my doctor so really, really hoping it helps. I've got another one in two weeks time. I think I'm having three sessions to see how it affects me. I hope reflexology helps you. Let me know how it goes and I'll let you know how mine goes too.

    Anna x

  • thanks! xx

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