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Feeling blue

Hi guys. I had a laporoscopy on Monday and was diagnosed with stage 3

It was just a diagnostic lap, but was told they would remove endo anyway unless it was complicated.

I feel blue because today I came off pain killers as my surgery pain was better. But a lot of the things that have been bothering me are still there. Intense lower back pain makes me feel like a cripple, random lower right pelvic cramping like really intense and can take the breath away, upper back pain behind my liver.

I was told they found lesions around my liver, and I haven't had the stabbing pain from my abdomen there. But I had thought the back pain was from that too.

My lower back pain starts on the left but is all over. They said they found endo mainly on the left of my pelvis.

I just feel quite sad that it hasn't made much difference. I haven't had a period yet so maybe it will make that less bad, but it was the every day stuff that had been really starting to get me down. So now makes me think these are all separate problems to be dealt with differently, but how unfair would that be?

How different are diagnostic and regular laps?

Feeling deflated!

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Hi feathers sorry to hear it sounds like you have alot of unanswered questions after your surgery.i too had diagnostic lap June 20th and was diagnosed with stage 4. Were you treated in a BSGE centre? If not it is imperative given your diagnosis that you are seen in one from here on in. Am i right in thinking you are unsure if anything was excised/ablated during your surgery? To help you compare, my surgery was carried out by a BSGE surgeon, it was a diagnostic lap, on finding stage 4 she closed me up,with no treatment, and i now have a follow up appointment in aug to discuss treatment options to include a surgery where the Endo will be excised. You can contact your gp surgery and ask for a post op report 2-3 weeks after your surgery which should tell you exactly what they found and what they did.


Hi brizzlebird, thanks for your reply! Yes it was at the BSGE centre in Cornwall. But they definitely said that they would excise some endo if it was found, maybe they said only if it was simple? But I remember signing the form that said they would do that and the surgical student who did my questions beforehand told me this too. I think they said things like if they found it on the bowel they wouldn't excise because they need other people there. I went into surgery at about 4:50, and woke up in recovery at 7. Xx


a diagnostic lap, is a laparoscopy where they purely investigate, so diagnose, and no treatment. i had a lap three years ago, my lap was meant to be a diagnostic and treatment lap, i awoke to be told i had stage 4 endo, and too much to be treated, and to have it all removed with a hysterectomy, i was very angry i did not get any treatment, i was also told that my hosp was an accredited specialist centre, i've since found out it wasn't, so i have now been referred to a specialist centre, as i do not believe that a hysterectomy is the answer, i feel its a low cost option for the hospital.

remember, you have been diagnosed with endo, they haven't removed anything, and they will have disturbed things so you will be feeling some extra pain perhaps. and also, its very early days, and it takes some time to digest the diagnosis, do some research whilst you're recovering so that when you go back for your post op check up, you can discuss your options xx


Hi Maxine. Thanks a lot for getting back to me. I'm confused as I definitely remember them telling me they would do some excising, but maybe they said only if it was simple. I am sure the hospital was an accredited centre, I came on here before and got told how important that was so I requested referral to this one. I hope it is!

I just feel like if I feel nothing has changed when they said they would do a little, why would I want to have another surgery in 9 months or however long the waiting list is :(

Thanks for your advice xx


Hi. I had a lap 5 days ago and they found 4 endo legions which were removed. About 2 days later my endo pain started up again and have been getting more painful. Its not the time of the month that I usually get pain. Is this just the area around the legions healing or has it just not gone away? Any ideas? Thanks x


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