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Help seeing a private consultant tomorrow

I am 41 trying for children after 3failed attempts. I have the severe endo and my head is so fuzzy today'. Anyone please help me what questions can I ask

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Hi there zazzy, im really sorry to hear your situation :( im not sure i can recommend questions to ask, but i would recommend to make a note of your symptoms so that you won't forget anything at the consultation, and to give the consultant the best possible chance to assess your situation. Perhaps try to think about what you hope to achieve from seeing them tommorow and base your questions on that? So if having children is pivotal to you then ask them about this. If its about pain ask them about that. Its your time so its entirely up to you how the consultation is run. If you are going private, this is even more true as its your money at the end of the day! I would also recommend if you can take someone along for support then try to do so. I always go to mine alone as my other half and family live the opposite end of the country and its really hard. You're not on your own anyway. Good luck, and please do let us know how it goes xxx


Thanks for the advise I will take on board what you have said. U right am paying him am new to this site. I feel I have got friends who can understand and relate to my issues. Thanxs for ur kind support



I went to see a private consultant - but it was more to do with pain than fertility. If I were you I would ask them what course of action they would recommend, what the benefits and drawbacks are, and any alternatives and their pros and cons.

I would also recommend writing anything you want to ask down before you go as well as anything you want to mention about previous treatments, family history etc.

I found the consultant to be very understanding and fit his treatment plan around my situation.

I hope it all goes well for you.



Thanxs Hun I so appreciate ur support I will keep intouch thanxs


Hi, i feel for you. It took me five years and fertility treatment to have my first and two ops, two muscarriages and a lot of stress before my second five years later. After years of research, several consultants and lots of money, I would recommend the following: laporoscopy to cut away all they can( drugs delay and put you in temporary menopause). Junior aspirin daily if you're not at risk in any way, acupuncture coupled with IUI. This ended up being my magic formula to catch with my lovely dsughter at 40. Good luck xx


Thankyou for some positive feedback. I have just woke up with anxiety dreading the outcome or hearing what the doctor is going to say. Like u say it happened to you and with patient am hoping for this miracle for me . Thankyou


Hi all thankyou supporting me with dr Mann private clinic yesterday. He told me to go ahead with my ivf before sorting the endro because my amh is low. I can say I can manage my endro if my fertility was not in the way


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