Help With Migraines?

Hi all.

I was wondering if anyone could help or offer some sort of advice, I'm on month three of Prostap but I have TERRIBLE migraines, they're getting me down. I can't cope, I'm at Uni and have an essay to go in on the 7th November but staring at the screen hurts!

Last night I went to bed with a bucket, thought I was going to be sick, thankfully wasn't. The first appointment I can get with my Dr is 31st October, but I don't have any sort or life or anything. It's only 12:21GMT and all I want to do is close the curtains and blinds and sit in darkness but I can't.

Please, help.


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  • Oh, love...I wish I could help but migraines are the worst part of my Prostap/Zoladex side effects too. Luckily I have the luxury of being able to go to bed and try and sleep it out though.

    Are you having the add back HRT?

    C xxx

  • Nope, I've never been offered any HRT or anything. Just went out and bought Migraleve so fingers crossed.


  • When you see your GP, tell him/her about the migraines and ask for HRT, Livial is the one that seems to be the most common. I can't promise it will work, it made me feel yucky generally, but it's worth a try

    Good luck with the Migraleve in the meantime

    C x

  • Oh poor you. Migraines are so terrible. I have suffered for 20+ years. My migraine are triggered by hormones. Earlier this year, in a desperate attempt to find a solution, I had intolerance testing via and found that cow's milk is a trigger. I then read that our bodies have to use hormones to break down Cow's milk and that this hormone surge could be causing migraine. I cut out all cow's milk and have been migraine free for 3 months+. It's amazing! I too am on Prostrap and am about to take Tobolone and I am nervous about taking the add back and it's effect on my hormones. The Prostap has taken all endo pain away and cutting out cow's milk has sorted the migraine so do have faith... Try something yourself as doctors tend to push you down the medication route for migraine and a natural solution is certainly favourable.

  • I'm lactose intolerrant, so it definitely isn't milk for me. I have the Mirena Coil and Prostap I'm assuming it's one of them.


  • It is probably the medication you take, but try to help yourself by avoiding completely caffeine, chocolate, alcohol (especially red wine) and dairy (that you do this already). And drink plenty of water. These are the key things to do when suffering from migraines/headaches.

    In this way you will help you body fight the possible side effects of your medication.

    Jo x

  • I'm drinking decaf tea already (someone told me it helped with hot flushes), I don't drink alcohol (tell I lie, I have, on special occasions a can of shandy 0.09% vol.) chocolate is generally a no-no because of the lactose intolerance. So it's driving me mad. I don't know whether I'm spending too long on the PC and it's causing migraine type headaches or stress...


  • Hi, I am on prostap the second time around and have had migraines both times. They definitely improve with the hrt (livial for me) so ask your GP, I couldnt tolerate prostap without the HRT, hope this helps and you are migraine free today.

  • Hi, yeah I was thinking of asking my GP but I am three weeks though the last month (hurray!) so it should all be out my system by next Friday so I'm trying to wait it out now. Thank you.


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