Help with migraine?

So I'm on my period, I'm on the last of 5 days and yesterday I got this horrible migraine which I still have 35 hours later! :( I wasn't doing anything when it came on, just walking around museums, so I'm guessing its hormone or period related.

Does anyone know how to take the pain off or find some relief? Yesterday I took 8 paracetamol, not together obviously, today I tried paracetamol and ibuprofen and still no relief. I took a sumatriptin (sorry if I've spelt it wrong!) given to my from my mother and that took the pain off for a good 3 hours but it's back now.

I've had headaches and migraines before with the suspected Endo but never like this. I just need some relief at least for now as I can't get to doctors until Tuesday because of the Easter weekend.

Thanks everyone and I hope you're all well xxx

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  • Hey,

    Hope your feeling a little better today!

    Are you on the pill? As if you are, you ought to go to your doctor/family planning clinic and let them know, as sometimes this can be related to the pill and they will have to change you off it.

    I have had hormonal headaches though aswel, and they are horrible. best thing for migraines is to go into a dark room and try and keep noise to a minimal. You could try some codeine aswel, this may help. Other than that, i havent had any decent medication other than Syndol, which is now off the market.

    Hope it sorts itself out soon. Emma Xx

  • Apparently codeine can make migraines worse :( x

  • My daughter who is 14, suffered really bad with migraines, started when she was 12, I took her to a chiropractor 4 times last year in March, she had one in August so I took her back for one more session, hasn't had one since, I didn't want her on lots of tablets from hospital, which was the way it was going. Touch wood, she is okay now x

  • I take Panadol extra (red) for them and it stops the sicky feeling too. I started getting migraines alongside endo 5/6 years ago now. Never suffered ever before. Try them they are really good. I always have them in now. X

  • Hi

    You have my sympathy, been suffering few days myself. I've had0 hormone migraines for over a decade. Neurologists have told me once they start very difficult for medication to be absorbed. Try co codamol may help. Total rest is gd. Speak to a doctor soon, there are so many treatments available now. Drink plenty of water. Ginger tea helps if feel sick. Good luck x

  • Imagram (not sure of spelling) for migraines they can be bought over counter but £8 for 2 but I know when I'm bad I would pay £100!! It works in 30mins they r the best thing ever and u can get them from the dr too! They might ask at the chemist if u have had them before say yes cause they can b funny on selling them to anyone good luck! Not sure what's worse endo or migraines x

  • Good evening.

    I'm sorry to hear you have migraines. I have been a migraine sufferer all my adult life. I now have to take a daily preventative medication as I was getting weekly


    Unfortunately hormonal headaches/ migraines are still with me!

    The best thing I can suggest is that you take two paracetamol and two ibruprofen together... than take another two paracetamols four hours later and two more ibruprofen two hours after. Then alternate the drugs until necessary.

    Avoid codeine as these will often prolong a migraine attack and often cause a withdrawal headache.

    I have to avoid caffeine (and cheese, red wine and tomatoes) but during the beginning of an attack I drink caffeinated coffee . Caffeine restricts blood vessels and so will help relieve the pain of migraine.

    I often feel sick and dizzy

    During an attack and I take cyclizine to help. Your GP has to prescribe this medication.

    Please be careful if you get migraine relief over the counter. Not only is this very expensive but they also usual contain codeine.

    Definitely rest and let me know if I can help.

    Best wishes,

    Barbara x

  • Thanks ladies for all the answers.

    I still have the migraine now :( I went to A & E this morning and they gave me some oxygen, which helped for maybe 20 minutes then It came back. Other than that she sent me home and told me to take 26 tablets a day! Mixed paracetamol, ibuprofen and codeine.

    It's funny you should warn me about the codeine, I took some this morning at about 11 and felt much better then around 6 it came back with a vengeance :( I will stay away from those now.

    I've managed to find a spare strip of propranolol so I'm taking them and I'm on the combined pill but I was on my week break, so I took it early in hope that it might balance me out or something.

  • Do you get visual disturbances with your migraines?

  • Just sparkly lights. She did check me over today and said my vision was okay and my motor skills where normal.

  • I really don't want to worry you but once my migraines also gave me problems with my vision (aura), I had to come of the combined pill. This

    is because research has proven a link between ladies who take combined pill and have migraines with aura.... are also at considerable risk of having strokes.

    Sorry if this has alarmed you but I would urge you to chat with the doctor who prescribed the combined pill.

    Lots of love,

    Barbara x

  • I hate the pill anyway and I'm coming off it next month when I have my lap :) getting the coil fitted instead.

    Thank you ever so much for the helpful information though :) Looking back I only really started getting migraines since I started taking the pill 5 years ago x

  • Good luck with your lap. I also have the coil and it's not increased my migraine attacks at all.

    Best wishes,

    Barbara x

  • Yes mine start with one of my eyes twitching!!

  • Aw I really feel for you, I get severe migraines and sickness every month and it's debilitating, I have tried numerous meds, dissolveable solpadene worked well, it's available in chemists yo buy :)

  • Solpadene contains codeine..... Which is best to avoid when you have migraines.

  • Hi.. I'm a cluster headache sufferer rather than migraine.. but i find the medications / solutions are much the same. It sounds like you are doing all the right things and may just have to ride this one out. One thing i want to suggest is looking at your diet... i'm not a real believer in herbal treatments.. give me some heavy duty pain killers any day lol... BUT... I recently bought a juicer and found a mix designed for migraine.. tastes vile but (touchwood!) i've not had an attack for the 4 months I've been drinking a glass of the stuff each day. Hope you feel better soon.

  • What is in your magic juice please springslinky?

  • Thanks for all the replies guys, especially Cuddlybarb. Since you told me I shouldn't be on the combined pill I marched right into my doctors and I'm now on the mini pill.

    The margarine has now lasted two weeks and I'm now on a fairly new med called Lyrica, my symptoms seem to be slowly improving so I've got my fingers crossed, if not it's hi ho off to a neurologist I go xxxx

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