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Another vent ladies...sorry

Hi Ladies

Well I phoned the hospital and asked if I had an appointment yet (my referral was on 1st Aug) and all I got was it can take 12 weeks. No indication if I have an appointment yet, if there is a letter on its way, nothing! So thats irritating cause I am 22, trying to do uni, fair enough its open uni but thats worse cause I cant find motivation when I'm sore, I have been feeling a little better recently but the pain is always there. Its the first day of my period today and I was sore lastnight, woke up and felt okay so went and done some food shopping and to get ladies essentials and now I am home, I am pretty sore. Worse than last month. Might just be because its the first day but not convinced. Does not help that I am home all day with a puppy who needs attention, luckily she cant get up on the sofa yet herself but its 12:45 and I am exhausted already. Is this normal? Well as normal as can be? I havent been diagnosed with endo yet, its taking so long to get the referral its ridiculous. Can I ask, will I need to push for a lap?

Rach xxx

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it's good to vent how you are feeling on here somtimes, i look around me and see everyone doing everything they want to do, and there's me really trying, some days i manage but some days like you say its exhausting. i've had symptoms since starting my periods, but its only been the last 5 yrs that its interfered with my life and work, i only went to my gp 2 yrs ago, she is brilliant and has referred me for various scans and tests, the hosp wont do a lap as i need to lose weight, which i'm working really hard on, but they seem to fail to notice that i've gained weight due to all the pain and problems, so a bit of a vicous circle.

have you had any scans or any investigations done yet? xxx


Aww sorry to hear that :(

I have only had 1 ultra sound but nothing was found like no cysts or anything so dunno where they will go from there :S

Rach xxx


Hi Rach - It sounds like I'm in a very similar situation to you. I've had an ultrasound and after 4 GP appointments been referred to the consultant but waiting. I'm also a uni student and I've had people comment on how I'm always tired and asking if I was out the night before (usually curled up in bed, often with hot water bottle!) and I don't have an 'excuse' to give people. If you need to talk/vent then you can message me - I find it really hard not being able to tell anyone what's going on (and not having a diagnosis yet makes me feel that I'll be told it's normal women's problems and given no sympathy). Sorry this has turned into a vent of my own!

Hope you start feeling less sore soon,



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