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Need to vent :(

Hello Ladies.

Well I am in need of a little vent so I am sorry in advance if non of it makes sense :)

Start off: I have been feeling alright well I was then I had a stressful couple of days, Monday I had an interview, Tuesday I found out I got the job...on the condition that I postponed aka stopped Open University (as I get funding and job I was going for was an apprenticeship) so I had until Midday on Wednesday to make a decision. I was so stressed, I love studying but I know I need a job, decided to not accept the apprenticeship. The one person I thought would understand was my mum...and she doesnt, Well all of this has brought back the pain and I am emotionally and mentally exhausted.

I am STILL waiting on my referral to see a gynae! It has been almost 5 weeks now I have been waiting on the NHS letter coming through my door! I am tired of waiting and being in pain, fair enough I was feeling a little better but I am in pain again!! Neproxen (or however its spelt) was working but its not working as well anymore. Nobody understands what I am going through. They say they do but they actually dont which infuriates me.

See at your first gynae appointment can I push or suggest that they will do a lap?

Anyway, I am stressed and in pain and need to have food but im not 100% hungry and my mum and sisters puppy is going crazy but since I am at home since I am studying from home, I am the one thats looking after her while mums working and sisters at college. Didnt want the puppy in first place so yeah! Sorry that is not an endo related problem lol but its part of the problem cause running about and picking up toys and all the stuff that goes along with looking after a puppy makes my back hurt!

Sorry this doesnt make sense.

Rachael xxx

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You have a good old vent girl, get it off your chest. Your right no one seems to understand the pain you go through with endo. I am having a particulary painfull day and feel like screaming!!! xx


Tell me about it!!! not a good day for me too... pppffffff

BUT we keep our chin up! :D

Jo xx


So the pain is still there but it is better than I was earlier, ended up falling asleep on the couch, woke up with neck pain cause of the way I was lying so I had neck and everywhere else pain haha

Need to do uni work which ironically is on stress! haha

Rachael xxx


I am so sorry you are having a bad day, I hope it gets better if you ever need to talk I am here for you.



hello hun keep smiling

i no hw u feel i am always down and hav a very bad temper i also suffer from epilepsy and my doc is sending my 2 see someone about this cause this could cause more fits xx


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