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Anyone else - on progesterone only or otherwise - experienced constant bleeding? I know it's a side effect especially in the first few months but I just had a super long period and 6 days later I'm bleeding again but old blood and clots. How is there anything left in to come out? Is it old blood or something else? It's been pretty painless which makes me wonder!

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  • Hi Kate, I can't really advise but I am going through the same thing myself at the moment. I had 6 months of Decapeptyl injections which stopped my periods and then started taking a progesterone only pill twice a day continuously with no break as my Dr wants to stop my periods. It was fine for the first month but I started bleeding last Thursday and am still bleeding today. I rang my Consultant's secretary yesterday but she is on holidays for 2 weeks. I wonder if the bleeding will settle down or will this continue? Not sure what options I have if this doesn't work. Thanks for any advice x

  • I've been told it can take up to 3 months to settle, and given I'm not in much pain I'm willing to stick it out and see if this is the case!

  • Hi I have Mirena and top up mini pill might be an answer good luck xx

  • Thanks ladies hopefully it will settle down, I hadn't heard it could take 3 months it makes sense I guess. I'm due back to see my Consultant soon as she wants to see how I'm getting on with it. X

  • Yeah most pills take at least 3 months to settle which is why they're reluctant to change anything until you've given it 3 months but in my experience it's been at least 6 so will hopefully be noticing a difference by Christmas!

  • Fingers crossed it works for us both! X

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