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9 days and counting

Well back to work today after 6 weeks off...so glad to be back but endo pain was awful all day. Taken 6 tramadol...doesn't help I've got a chest infection.

Keep dreading post as half expect appt to be postponed again...I really hope not as don't think I could cope if I had to wait longer. The past 4 months have been awful, really want to get gynae to agree to another lap, pref ASAP. Hopefully if I do get one it won't knock me about the same as last time...was told have 2 days to recover then back to work...unfortunately didn't happen and ended up laid up for 3 weeks. Anyway to be honest rather that and diagnosis and treatment than the other option. However if do get diagnosis then got to make difficult decision to have hysterectomy...but face that if and when I need to.

Just need to get to 13th first.

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I am so sorry you are still in pain after your surgery 6 weeks ago.

I had my surgery to remove an ovarian cyst in November 2011 and they found Endometrosis, I am still in pain now.

I hope you get some relieve.

Here if you need to chat.


I HAVE HAD CONSTANT PAIN for nearly 8 months now had 2 laps 2nd one diagnosed endo currently on zoladex injections had 3 tho no relief yet been off work for 6 of the 8 months its a bloody nightmare


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