Worried and scared about appointment

Hi ladies,

I have just been filling in my forms for my first hospital appointment tomorrow. After reading a lot of your horror story's I am now worried and scared about the appointment.

I know I am only seeing a general gynaecologist and what if I get fobbed off? What if they send me away with no answers or treatment plan?

Is it worth me taking a list of my daily pains and struggles along with what meds I have tried?

I know I will be recommended to 'try' the coil but I really don't want one of them fitted... Plus the idea would be to get me sorted (the best we can) then start a family... I'm not getting any younger!!!

what would be the best way to approach all of this? The thought of finally getting an appointment and getting sent away upset is making me feel sick!! I've got my other half coming with me, and unfortunately his emotions always get the better of him and in the past has ripped into my doctor.... 😕

Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated!!


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  • Stop stressing it's not gonna make anything better....you need to just have a plan in your head and like you said they may suggest the coil so you tell them no that's not what you want..you tell them you want to start a family and you want to know what's the best way to go about it....they can only fob you off if you allow them don't leave the room til your happy with what's been decided...hope it all works out for you.x.

  • Thank you. Maybe we will jot a plan down tonight and decide what we want to happen at the appointment!!


  • Yeah that would be a good idea if you don't agree with treatments they offer you then ask about removal procedures and see if that would be better for you...if you want to start a family most treatments can prevent thus as they're mainly some kind of contraceptive...I'm living in a lot of pain and struggling to conceive but I refuse to go on treatment because it will stop me conceiving.. I hope you get the treatment that is better suited to you and your needs..x.

  • Hi Feekate,

    I am new to all this the same as you are. I was referred by my GP to a General Gynaecologist at the end last year and had my appointment in November. Being a Personal Assistant, I went to the app fully equipped with a printed list of my symptoms and a four week diary of daily symptoms. When I arrived the gynaecologist was not very interested in listening to what I had to say, he did not want to see my printed information either but did a quick examination. After this he said, so it sounds like Endometriosis based on what your GP has said and moving forward options are to have a Mirena Coil fitted, have a baby or a possible Laparoscopy which he does not recommend due to the dangers involved, and to go away and think about it.

    I returned four weeks later after having a Colposcopy in the meantime which was absolutely awful, I was given treatment on the spot for precancerous cells with no anaesthetic and the pain was too much for me, I fainted in the chair then the hospital would not let me out as my body had gone into shock and and I kept blacking out, after this I was sofa bound for two days and when I told my Gyne this he just laughed and commented that they must have thought i would be stronger! I firmly told him I did not want a coil or a baby and agreed to take my pill back to back without a break for three months to see if it helps - which has not so far!

    I'm due to return to him at the end of March but having done my own research and looked at 'Lindle' profile, I am now in the process of asking my GP to refer me to a BSGE centre as if it is Endometriosis, I want to feel confident I am in good hands.

    I would just say do some research and make sure you feel you are getting the best treatment for you.


  • Oh my Kimmy1, you have really been through the ringer!!! Sounds awful!!

    I should have kept a diary but haven't, my GP never asked me to so it slipped my mind.

    I think I'll take a list of meds I have tried, what sort of pain I get and where and hopefully explain what this pain stops me doing!!

  • My GP didn't tell me much either but I did lots of research and looked on Endometriosis UK website which gives you advice on your first appointment and also a template for a consultation questionnaire which I completed and took with me, worth doing, even though my Gyne didn't look at mine but I will use it once I'm referred to someone else :-) Here is the link: endometriosis-uk.org/seeing...

  • Thanks, I'll take a look!


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