What's the problem with hospital follow ups???

This is more of a rant. After surgery May 2015 I was informed I would have a 3 month follow up. After chasing it myself I got an appointment 2 months later. I should have had another follow up in April after chasing it yesterday I have an appointment for the 8th of August. It does my head in.

Not that I hold out much hope from my follow up if the surgeon is anything like he was last time. Didn't even take 5 mins before seeing me to have a quick read of my file. His first question was "do you know about endometriosis?". I should have said I would bloody hope so after being diagnosed in 2011 but I was so gobsmacked I could only manage a yes.

He said that he didn't treat all the endo, that I would require more surgery prob eventually have to have a hysterectomy and then asked why I looked so disappointed. His only advice was to take the pill or he could refer me to the pain clinic. Wouldn't give me an indication of what stage the endo was or where just said don't get too hung up on the details.

Can you ask for a different consultant??? I am dreading my next appointment,


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Is this consultant on the bsge list, if not you need a refferal to a specialist centre. Ring your consultant s secretary and ask for a copy of your laparoscopy notes it should tell you where the endometreosis was found,

A hysterectomy isn't a cure for endometreosis not unless you have it in the wall of the uterus and that's called adenomyosis, a hysterectomy will not help unless all your endo in excised thoroughly,

I would find another surgeon, for a second opinion

Good luck xxx

Thank you for your reply. I am under general gyne at my local hospital. The surgeon does work for a private hospital near me but not a bsge hospital. I have a copy of his lap notes but the writing is terrible and I cant read it. I will contact his secretary to see if she has a typed copy.

Does my GP refer me to the bsge centre? I'm considering going private x


Definately get a referral to another consultant.

I just did that.

I was barely in with my first consultant 15 minutes for my follow up,when he said he had an appointment to go to and was getting twitchy.

I rarely lost for words,but i was stunned at the arrogance as i was a private patient.

Needless to say i saw another specialist yesterday and a good bed side manner is important.

Someone you feel confident in and who takes the time to explain things is important.

Kind regards

Rose xx

Hi Rose

Thank you. Who did your referral? Was it your GP?

Pleased you have found someone good x

I must add im in australia,so the other ladies are more knowledgable on your treatment pathway over there,such as the lady above.

Rose xx

Hi - have a look at my post on the treatment pathway and on how to find a specialist centre. Your potential problem is being in Scotland. In order to get a referral to a BSGE centre you have to have severe stage 3/4/Rectovaginal endo confirmed that would be beyond the skills of a general gynaecologist. But yours is clearly saying it's beyond the scope of general gynae so you must qualify on that basis. A board has to consider your case and approve referral. You need to go to your GP to get this moving. It would be useful to see the operative report so I should get a copy of it and get back to us. X

Hi Linda

Just as suspected the letter tells me nothing and contains inaccuracies (I cant seem to attach it).

He says he removed endo from my abdomen (his initial letter to my gp stated partial removal). He also says there was division of adhesions (he told me at my 1st follow up he didn't do anything with the adhesions). He says I feel better in regard to the pelvic pain and symptoms have improved (whilst there was a slight improvement in pain the associated symptoms were still getting me down).

He goes on to say he discussed in a "very detailed" way lap surgery and details of my situation in the abdomen. Bollocks!! He wouldn't not comment on my endo or answer my questions, he told me not to get hung up on the details.

Re management he said the best treatment would be the POP but I was against this as "my symptoms had improved". WHAT?!??! I said I didn't want the POP as it could increase my depression and migraines.

I have his operative report but the hand writing is illegible. Do you think you could make sense of it? x

It is interesting that his idea of 'very detailed' is to say he removed endo from your abdomen an separated adhesions. Very specific! Will pm you my email address to send it to me.

It's a joke! Thanks for your email, I've sent the details through now x

Thanks Linda. Trouble is I don't know what stage I am.

The secretary's response:

"Dear Kelly

Glad to hear you have a follow up appointment.

I do not have any notes about surgery however you were at a clinic appointment in October at which point Dr Tkacz wrote to your GP. Your GP will have this letter.


Called GP who were most helpful and I can pick up the letter from the surgery after paying £1 (LOL).

Will be back in touch when I get the letter.


Will get back soon. Have quite a lot of old messages to work through as I'm still struggling with horrendous pollens and am on a bit of a go slow. Some interesting reading though. Endo on the cervix and POD/uterosacral ligaments with a retroverted uterus and no mention of a rectovaginal exam...

No problem, you are in high demand. Hope you are feeling better soon x

You have to pay to pick up your letter??

I hope it never comes to that over here.

No one wld ever get a diagnosis lol


LOL Rose and she actually asked me if I wanted a receipt?!?!? x

Does not sound too good. The consultant did my lap came around to see me at 9:00pm the night of the surgery. Then again at 7:00am the next day to discuss all the findings, and shown me the pictures take. He normally copy me all the letters he send to the other doctors. The guy's poor family. Don't get see him much.

I would change the surgeon if you don't feel comfortable with him. A friend's daughter was treated by a surgeon who turned out to be an alcoholic and suffered terrible consequences. She did not like him at the beginning but did not changes straight away.

WOW! That is excellent care. Was your lap done at the specialist centre or general gyne? Yep defo going to change. Will speak to my GP. x

It was done at the specialist centre. I had very good experiences with doctors so far. A different consultant personally called me at home on a Sunday. I was very shocked! There are very good doctors around and they generally associate with other competent ones.

Hope you find one soon.

What a difference in care. Was you surgery successful? x

Only had diagnostic lap, will have the second one for treatment in September. Hopefully will be all sorted then.

Good luck with your GP appointment.

I hope it all goes well, sounds like you are in great hands. I will keep a look out for your posts x

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