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Had such a bad night

Does anyone else suffer really badly at night, last night I slept on my tummy for a bit and when I woke I was in tears and severley stuck, I couldn't move I was in so much pain, I had to wake my husband for him to gently roll me over and move my legs, it feels like all my organs in my tummy had fallen and twisted together, it makes it impossible to make at all.

I used to get this in my right side, and for years struggled with it eventually being diagnosed with endo and a swollen uterus, had a hysterectomy last year, I have also had a hip operation this year , I was put on hrt but found it made me have more pain so stopped taking it, I have an appointment tomorrow to see a new gynae as I want some second opinions and I am going armed with all my notes,

Just wondered does anyone else suffer like this at night


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Yes I have trouble sleeping on my front. This is a new issue for me. It started after my second lap. I get into bed and it feels as it everything has fallen foward. The pain can be instant or gradually builds until I have to move. I find that it takes a while for things to settle and then I able to fall asleep. I think it has something to do with my operation. Like yourself I am waiting for an appointment for a second opinion.

I hope you get the answers you seek, good luck.


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