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Endo natural remedies


I have been diagnosed with the uncomfortable pcos last year and have been told that losing weight is the only way forward. I have cut down all junk including meat from my diet and I lost some weight. The good news is you can improve by losing weight but also by other natural treatments like accupuncture. This is a massage with needles that activates the blood circulation as this is important for the overall health. I recommend the chinese practitioners although it can be costly. Try to stay as active as possible and don't rely with set diets but go with your instinct eat less all the time and drink plenty of water. The other advice is You should aim to decrease the stress levels that you are experiencing so whether you have a busy job or family you need to take time out for yourself. Try not to get upset with things or people as this can affect your progress. Ultimately another good idea is to do something that you enjoy a lot so that food is not on your mind. And why not use an old trick -the cigarette I know its not healthy but it speeds up metabolism and cuts appetite. You can smoke lights and in moderation. Overall losing weight is the big key here and maintaining a healthy work life balance. I hope this helps!

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Thanks for your helpful tips abd1. Some endo ladies have received relief from trying acupuncture which is good news. I think a big stumbling block with having regular sessions of acupuncture is the cost involved although we all know its difficult to put a price on your health.

Good luck with your continued healthy eating plan and weight loss :)


I think it is different for everyone. I have tried the endo diet for two years and I lost weight and felt healthier although I continued to get my endo problems it was better than medical interventions I tried which didn't work and had loads of side effects. At least I felt in some control of my condition which also helped to reduce my stress.

The diet involves having no wheat, gluten, soya, caffein or dairy except for fat free bio natural yoghurts. It is quite extreme and means that you have to shop differently and prepare all of your food as you can't just grab something when you are out.

Maybe you could look in to it to see if it would work for you. The book is called " Recipies for the Endometriosis Diet" by Carolyn Levett. It has lots of science behind why it is useful, it may be great for your pcos too!

Good luck :-)


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