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Been rejected prostap! Now what!

I went to my docs today as the combined tablets the hospital wanted me to try for 3 months have not worked... as i told them it wouldnt but who am i to contradict the powers that be..... and have asked my gp to get in contact with my consultant about going on prostap until my appointment and op... I got a call back from my gp with him saying it was a no and I have to continue with the tablets. They have put me on this combo numerous times and it hasnt done anything to control my bleeding each month.

Imm so annoyed as the prostap has worked for me as a short term treatment which is all i want until this bloody ordeal is over and done with and that thing is removed. My body really needs a rest from it all as nearly passing out on the floor and having my 7yr old son sit by me on the floor until my edpisodes pass just isnt on anymore.

Is there anyone who can give me advice as at the moment I'm very tempted to march up to the hospital and give him a peace of mind!

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sorry to hear you not been treated well. iv been there to n i kept ringing the hospital untill they did sumthing they left me 28weeks wating for a lap n in the end i rang that much they sorted me out. also prostap cost about £1.500 a time therefor they donot want to giv it out. hope this helps x


Thank you sam87. Its just a shame that money always plays a big part in getting the help you really need. Although after 11yrs and when I have my hysto I will save my hospital a lot of money ha ha ha xxx


Try ringing your consultants secretary and booking an appointment with them. Basically, your GP won't pay for it and can't really prescribe it as it's a red label prescription and they aren't covered to provide it unless it's first been done by the hospital. The first prescription needs to come from your hospital.

Good luck!x


Thank you love, I rang my gp again today and was told that there has been a reshuffle and they will try to get me in as soon as they can. Im really trying to stay strong at the moment but find myself cracking fast lol...... hey ho, just keep ringing i guess and hope it doesn't get too bad.

Thank you ladies xxx


I agree with Cloudyrain that the intial prostap treatment needs to have been done at the hospital-it can be done at an outpatient appointment and is quickly administered. Then the consultant can write to your GP and ask them to supply the prostap and at what intervals and for how long. All you need is an appointment with the practice nurse at your surgery for the actual injection. Prostap (and other hormone injection treatments such as zoladex) are expensive but depending on whether your surgery has it in stock you may be asked to pay the usual prescription charge of £7.60 (?). To be honest that amount isnt bad when you consider the true cost of each injection.

I had my first injection at the hospital then the remaining ones at my GP surgery. The surgery had one in stock which they let me have then for each subsequent time the nurse wrote out a prescription for me which I collected from a local pharmacy. There was an unfortunate mix up as the hospital letter stated I was to have the 3 monthly injections which differed from the agreement I'd had with the consultant but that was sorted out after I pointed out the first injection was a monthly one.

Your next step really is to get another appointment (or your follow-up appointment brought forward) and advise the consultant you are willing to try prostap. The the rest should follow.

Good luck!


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