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Update had my main operation 3 days ago

Hi Ladies

Just a quick update on my operation. It was carried out on Monday afternoon. The op was about 4.5 hours. The consultant said it was hard work. He excised endo lesions from the ureters, bladder, and bowel area. I have two stents and a catheter in. I am doing reasonably well. Went home today and beeen sitting in the garden this afternoon. Find eating difficult hopefully will improve in coming days.

The catheter is OK abut certainly put one off rose wines! If anyone got any questions let me know. I will try to answer😅

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Hi Stella well done you. Good to be home i bet. Take it easy and wishing you a gentle recovery x

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Thanks! Already bored of day time TV 😉


Hi, I wish you a speedy recovery from surgery. And I hope surgery gives you relief from the endo symptoms. I hope you will be having the catheter out soon... Mine was only in less than 24 hours and I was glad as I was having awful bladder spasms from the moment I woke up (previously had one with no problems?!)

I wanted to ask about the stents.... Are they staying in? My consultant mentioned I had them in my operation, however I rang the hospital after a few days of bladder pain and issues and said there was nothing in my notes about any stents? Wondered if you were told they stay in, or you are getting them taken out at a later date?

Rest up x


I was told and shown photos of my stents. The urologist also came by said he was happy with the op. He will remove the stents in his office without GA in 6 weeks time ! He called me amazing bionic woman! The main gynaecologist came by every day around 7:30 am to make sure everything is ok.

I am ok with the catheter hopefully have it out in 2-3 weeks.


I think they put the stents in during operation to aid the surgery. Sometimes they remove them at the end of the operation if deemed not needed. You will have stents left in if the ureter was shaved/ operated on.

All the best.


Sounds like you have had good care at your hospital... I never saw the urologist, and waited 3 hours after my op in recovery for the on call urologist to come and see me as I was complaining about really sharp pains (spasms)... His solution was to just put lidocaine gel around it.... Didn't help, took hours for the spasms to settle!

Thanks for the info on the stents... It wasn't discussed prior to surgery and was just talked about briefly the day after surgery.

I hope the removal goes smoothly of the stents and catheter then, hoping it's quick and painless! Hopefully you have plenty of time to relax and recouperate, and family and friends looking after you. Xx

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Wishing you a very speedy a gentle recovery. Garden-time sounds like a great healer! xx


Wishing you a speedy recovery, With hopefully a pain free future a head of you X


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