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How bad is the recovery from excision surgery?

I'm having level 2/3 endo removed by excision very soon and just wanted to hear some experiences on how long you were in hospital, how you felt afterwards, how painful, how long till you were up and about and how long off work etc? I've just had one diagnostic lap done with no treatment before. My surgeon said I'll need 4 weeks off work so it's got me a little nervous about how bad it's going to be. Thanks so much ladies xx

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Hi i have had this done 3 times and the pain and recovery does depend on the amount and extent of the surgery and where the endo is removed from. My first was 4 days in hospital and the pain was controlled with maximum pain killers. My movement was slow and limited but as the weeks went on it became easier. I was off work 4 weeks and fine to go back after that. My last was in December and i was only in hospital overnight and off work 3 weeks. Again taking it easy on the moving around i was fine. I hope this helps.

Hope all goes well x


Thank you for your reply xx



I had this surgery done on my bowel 18 months ago. I was in hospital for 2 days. I was off work for 6 weeks as my job involved heavy lifting. After 2 weeks I had a lot more movement etc. Here's a couple of tips. Try not to get constipated after surgery as this can happen. They will probably put you on a morphine drip for the pain after surgery and it can cause itchy skin (very common) so don't be afraid to ask for an antihistamine. If you have any trouble peeing whilst in hospital, tell them straight away. It's quite major surgery and your bits down below (bowel and bladder) can go into a bit of shock for a few hours so don't be afraid to say something. Its quite common and easily sorted out. Get plenty of rest, even if you feel like you have the energy to move about. Eat little and often, plenty of fibre. And most importantly, don't rush your recovery!! Your body will let you know what you can and can't do.

Good luck xxxxx


Thankyou, I will definitely stick to high fibre food. Just want to get it over with now! Xx


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