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Back pain endo or from op?

Had full abdominal hysterectomy in dec for ovarian cancer but results showd no cancer and was told by gynacologist it was severe endometriosis .. That's the only details I have been given and next appointment is not to May.

I have been getting bad back ache on walking or standing, is this from my op or is this from the endometriosis ? Gynacologist did say she had removed everything including my appendix as was all covered in endo scarring. Due to go back to work in a week but I am so tired after doing anything..


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Hello, sorry your struggling still, but it sounds like you had a lot done, don't rush into going back to work if you need more time I'm sure the doc would sign you off,

I would ring secretary and see if you can get a sooner appointment, if they cleared it all out, it shouldn't be back, but I'm no expert, it could be because you have been sitting around more than you would normally,

Good luck xxx


Thank u for your reply, I am hoping to go back part time at first and am hoping the back pain is just from not being as mobile as usual.



I would make an appointment with your GP, a hysterectomy is a massive operation for your body to deal with physically as well as mentally. You don't say whether you've started HRT. This could be pain from the knock on effect to your bones. More likely though it is pain from doing too much. Even after having a laproscopy and excision you have to take it easy and this is extensive, they have gone through all your body - your appendix and everything so recovery won't be as straightforward. Hopefully your Doctor can pinpoint the issue and prescribe a multivitamin or pain relief as well as sign you off from work. He will also recommend what you should and shouldn't do physically as you go forward. Don't lose heart and congratulations on not having cancer, it's less scary despite the fact it seems to work in a similar way. Take it easy my love xxx


Thank you for your reply, hrt hasn't even been mentioned to me yet.. But I have seen on here I shouldn't take it to 3 months after op. Will discuss at my next appt in May.

I have GP appt on Thursday about going back to work will mention my back ache then, am keen to go back to work as fed up but the nearer it getting the more apprehensive I am feeling ...have been off 3.5 months since I was first taken I'll,

Best wishes



Glad you're doing well :) and have all your appointments.

I only say as I know when I had the 'menopause' for 6 months it made me bones hurt. I took menopace multivitamin and it helped me. But I also know when my aunt had her surgery they moved her bowels around and removed her appendix it hurt so bad and in ways you wouldn't think of. Just wanted to give you some suggestions. When I have my hysterectomy I'm not going in for at least 6 months. I've seen how horrible it can be so I can see your determination and your dread. I think it also depends where your endo was as to how hard it is.

Best of luck Thursday xxx


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