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Pain relief

I have managed to get things to a manageable state most of the time but I am struggling to find ways of managing the pain aside from the drugs. Hot water bottles are often my best friend but if I am at work I can't really sit there in a meeting with one. Any ideas as to how to manage pain that doesn't involve more pills? Especially not helped by the fact the painkillers I take, while they work tend to make me a tad zombie-esque which isn't helpful!


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I found Cura Heat Period Pain Patches to be a fab help during work. They're air activated and you stick them to the front of your pants/vest (not directly on skin) over your poorly girly insides. Each one gives off great heat and lasts for up to 8 hours. They were a godsend!

You can get them in most chemists and Boots as well.

Hope this helps! xxx


I second the cura heat pads for work / out and about, surprisingly effective and the heat lasts for ages.


I third heat pads ;-)

However DO NOT put them directly onto skin!! I had mine on my underwear (I was wearing big Bridget jones ones haha) and I blistered bad so please be careful but they are fab!!


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