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Hi everyone

I have suspected endo and I am having a laparoscopy on the 4th June. I am in so much lower abdo pain and I am already taking menafanic acid and codydromol, I am using a hot water bottle constantly to try to ease the pain but it is still agony. Is there any other tips that could ease some of the pain in the days leading up to my operation?

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  • im on provera tablets they've helped with lower abdominal pain

    What about a tens machine have you tried one of them. I'm also on gabapentin that helps the pain. Have they checked your iron and urine. You may have a bladder infection of the water I had that a few months ago. I'm not a doctor just sharing the relief plan I have and it may or may not help you

  • Try a TENS machine. TensCare do a really small one which will clip onto clothes. Are you being seen by an endo specialist? The BSGE website lists the accredited centres if you need to find out. Good luck!

  • Hi - can you describe the pain and where it is - is it just at period time or at other times of your cycle?

    Click on my username and read my first post and the one on Pouch of Douglas endo. It is important to arm yourself with knowledge going into your treatment. x

  • A gynae nurse told me to take paracetamol with my mefenamic acid and codeine phosphate add it helps the two tablets to work together. It certainly made a difference in some instances. I hope that helps x

  • Thank you for the tips everyone. I feel so bloated as well and it is very uncomfortable I suppose it is just a waiting game until my op as no pain relief is helping much. I am also being treated for a UTI as well so I feel I am on so much medication at the moment. I'll carry on with the hot water bottle until my op

  • Just seen your post and i am glad you shared because i've now also got some pain relief tips. Good luck on 4th of June.

    i've also been in a lot of pain and extreme exhaustion + i have exams this month and revision and concentration/focus has been such a challenge. Been getting anxiety and panic attacks with worry over not getting good marks. so not sleeping well over the pain exhaustion and anxiety. just feeling like i am going mad.

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