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Can any1 give me advice

I have had endo for around 5 yrs and cysts on my ovaris i was givin clomifene to help me ovalate but this has just made the endo ten times worse i have had opps in the past but now my docter is sayin i should have the menopause i am only 31 and would love another child (i have 1) i am in and out of hospital and allways taking sick days from work i am starting to feel really down i dont think am getting rite info from docter can any 1 help

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Hi Hun, you don't need to stick to your doctor, you can get a second option, Try drfosterclinic.co.uk, these will have specail endo specailists with years of experiences. I under stand you frustration, I lost my miracle baby girl 2 years ago I'm not giving up, I will be a mummy.

Hope this helps.

Katy xx


Thank u i hope u get another chance x


Carla, when your doctor says the menopause, does he really 'only' mean the temporary menopause you get from Zoladex/Prostap injections?

That would give you at least six months relief from the endo symptoms and let your body get back 'on track' for trying again for another baby.

He might just be wanting to give you a break, in which case it sounds like very good advice. When you stop taking the injections, your body just goes back to 'normal', it's not a permanent thing

I think you need to speak to him again and ask him exactly what he wants to do

Good luck x


Yes it was just the temporay one but i was addmited to hospital last week and seen by another doc who advised i have another op as i have cysts and they keep burstin also i have a lot of fluid around them its been 5 yrs and as u will know it wears u down


Depending on the size of the cysts, they will respond to the injections. My last course was specifically to shrink a cyst that had developed on my ovary, and the drug completely got rid of it

If they're offering that option, then I would take it. However, your cysts might be too large to respond well to it, in which case, as you're still wanting more children, surgery will probably be the way to go. to 'clean it up' in there

I hope you manage to get it sorted. As you say, it's a constant battle :(


They may be chocolate cysts caused by your endo.. You really need to see a endo specialist xx


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