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Any1 help with fatigue

Hey you gorgeous people,

Does any1 have a way of getting over this fatigue? I'm am seriously struggling and have been for months. I had my bloods done and they where all fine but I seriously need to get over it can any1 help .... Please

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Sorry I can't help, but I'm in the same situation as you, so interested in any answers! All my bloods are fine too, but I often come home from work and fall asleep in the afternoon, or else I just feel drained. I wake up in the morning just as tired as when I went to bed. If you could buy a shot of pure energy, I'd be up for it!


Haha I've tried energy drinks they just give me a headache, I've changed my diet and that's not helped I don't know what else to try. I am going back doctors tomorrow to see what they say but I can't handle it anymore


Have you tried suppleness hun x


Sorry that was meant to say supplements lol x


Lol I'm on different ones they don't help :( x


Oh I have seen a big difference in my fatigue and pain through supplements and endo diet and I have Adenomyosis aswell as endo, it's a shame as I think it's better to treat endo naturally It works for you xx

Hope it gets sorted hun x


What supplements are you on? I have adenomyosis as well as endo too, and fatigue is a big issue for me! Also which endo diet are you following?


Multi vitamins, borraca, cod liver oil and iron and I'm on gluten free and dairy free diet, I basically live on fruit veg and chicken or fish


I'm currently taking omega 3, magnesium, vitamin B complex, womens multi vitamin,probiotic, evening primrose oil, turmeric.

My Dr advised Turmeric as it's a amazing anti inflammatory as is omega 3 so can actually reduce endo pain.

All my meat,milk and eggs are organic because the pesticides in normal help endo grow.

I've removes gluten and I'm eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables xx

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I doubt this will help but I had a lot of fatigue. The only thing I find helps is cutting out all energy drinks, soft drinks, basically anything with caffeine and just drink water. I know it is boring but for me it really helped. I had more pain with caffeine so it was a great bonus to help the fatigue and pain too!


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