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Omg!!! Can some1 give me advice please

I had sex with my bf and when we stopped I doubled over in agony I'd say it was about 8-9 on the pain scale I was sick with the pain and hot flushes I felt like I was going to faint, it sounds horrible but it felt like I needed the toliet too. the pain was that bad it lasted for about 30mins then just went as quick as it started. I've never felt pain like it has any1 ever felt it before and why is it happening? I've had slight pains after sex before but it's usually around the time I'm due on its never felt it like that and I'm not due on either

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Sounds like you have just a burst ovarian cyst there.

Not many things hits the paralytic pain scale in a split second - but bursting a cyst will do exactly as you described.

You are lucky if it died away after 30 mins - sometimes the pain can take hours to dissipate.

Next step is to visit your GP and explain what happened and ask if you could be referred to hosp for a scan to confirm if that was a cyst - even when burst - the debris will still show up for a week or two. You may need a follow up scan again in a few weeks time to check and make sure the beast has not filled up again. They can do that sometimes.

Most of the time the burst is all that happens (painful as it is) and the body reabsorbes the contents of the cyst in the comming weeks - while the surrounding organs that got hit buy the explosion recover eventually from their bashing and irritation.

Occasionally the bursting can cause other damage or infections etc - so it should be monitored, even though GPs are reluctant to do so sometimes.

As it was your 1st, it may be the only one you ever experience bursting - but it could just be the start and you may have others in the future too.

If it does happen again - straight to A&E and get it scanned and more importantly get the super strong pain relief you will need.

There can be serious complications from a burst cyst occasionally so it shouldn't be ignored. Please see your GP even though the event is now passed, it can be noted on your medical records.

Cybers Hugs to you - had that twice and you have my every sympathy.

Please reassure your BF that is was not his fault - just one of those things could have happened at any time at all.

Better that it happened when it did than when you were driving the car or out shopping etc.


Ye am going the drs today anyway and I've had cysts before but don't remember them being that bad.plus I've had no signs of a cyst before that . I don't think they'll refer me the hospital as I'm going for my 4th lap in 20days plus my hospital is far from where i live too.


I went doctors and they sending me for a scan as they think it is cysts again

And possible rupture :/ but been signed off work till lap too


Good Result.... Both times my cysts exploded I had not got a clue they were even there....till they burst. Glad the Doc has seen sense and give you recovery time before the op. Hopefully he will inform the surgeon too so they can tidy any debris up when they get inside. Probably very handy timing that it did happen now. Although I am quite sure you & your BF could have done without that kind of experience !!


Well I was ment to have my lap yesterday but they changed it till 3weeks times, i am glad she's had give me the time to recover to be honest because as being a hairdresser I've not stopped over Christmas and it's defo took it's toll on the endo coz I can't even stand for long periods at a time with out pains starting In stomach and back. Plus any illness that's going round I'm catching :( how have u been Hun


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