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Can someone give me some information?

I need some advice. I've been treated so well on this website. I feel like I have a community to help me. The help I've received has been so great. 

But I just need some info.

Can I ask anyone who's willing to tell me?

How long as it been from your very first lap and how many you've had in that time.

I'm having my 4th in four years.

Is that high or average?

This will help me so much if I knew 

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Hi Claire had my first lap July 2015 after nearly 30 years of trying to get a diagnosis. Then had hysterectomy (for adenomyosis), BSO and excision beginning of March.


Thank you for the reply. You must have had it so bad. Are you now pain free??


Getting there. Still have a problem with bladder. Very painful at times . I'm waiting on more tests to hopefully find out what the problem is. Other than that so far so good.


I had my 1st in March 2015, 2nd in March 2016 and 3rd in 5 days!!

However, the last one I had was non-negotiable with my specialist, so he was prepared for the one I'm having next week. 

from what I've read, women go in every 1 - 2 years, but it all depends on the surgeon and what's been done



I had my first one year ago today (23 April) and will have my second on 11 August. 


Hi there,

I had my first lap under general gynae in aug 2013, second diagnostic lap in jan 2016, now awaiting further surgery for removal of stage 4 endo and radical surgery to bowel.


I had one in summer 2013 and haven't had one since. My consultant did at first think he was going to do another quite soon afterwards but things haven't got so bad to need it.


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