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Could Endometriosis affect my kidney function?

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I was diagnosed two years ago and had a lap to remove endo. It has now come back and I am waiting to see my consultant next month. My GP decided to do some routine blood tests while I wait and my kidney function showed up as being dodgy so he re-did the test and the same again. I've now got to go for a kidney and renal tract scan at the hospital. Could this be endo related or just something else? Has anyone else had the smae?

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I have had problems with kidney function and UTI's, so it wouldn't surprise me if they was a connection. Always having blood tests for raised this, that and the other and internal bleeding has been mentioned, hence the reason I am going to the doctors today to ask about endo.

As the endo can attach itself to all your pelvic and abdominal organs, including your ureter (the pipe which runs from the kidney to the bladder) and can therefore affect the kidney's overall function. However, its is also possible that you have a separate urological problem (for example kidney stones) and therefore its good that your GP has arranged for you to have some urological tests. Remember to keep up your fluids - particularly water! All the best with it, I hope you get an answer.


Ive just undergone surgery last month that involved removing endo encasing my ureter. I now have a temporary stent in my ureter. So yes endo can affect kidney function. I was told mine was quite a severe case in terms of the sheer amount of endo, but all my blood test never flagged up any abnormalities. So fingers crossed my kidney will be ok!

I hope this helps.

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Hi lottielouis, not sure if you will see i've replied to this ... but im very interested to know how long you had the temporary stent for ?? How did they remove ?? Was it painful ??

I recently had surgery and my ureter rejoined into a different part of my bladder, and know i have to have the stent removed, but no idea how long until.

Ive been having alot of problems with my kidneys since december,however it hasnt been confirmed that it is do with endo,Ive been put on longterm antibiotics, and have to have some exploratory surgery,So will find out more after then i hope

I was recently in A&E with severe pelvic pain (a regular occurrence in my life). I was found to have a duplex kidney with a reflux (urine going back into the kidney) causing a lot of kidney infections. This was found through various scans. I have partial kidney failure as a result. The recurring infections have been sorted but I have recently diagnosed with endo through a laproscopy. When I was A&E I was told I may have an ovarian cyst too. I asked the gynaecologist if the endo can affect my kidney and she said no. So I'm at a loss here as I see that others have suffered with endo on their ureters. This is definitely something you should ask to be investigated as I know I'm going to!! As for the kidney function have you had many infections? Do you have high blood pressure? These are things that can affect kidney function. Hope you get help <3

I had a severe case of undiagnosed endo. I had a partial hysterectomy dr was unable to remove my ovaries. I still experienced severe pain so he put me on depo provera shots magically the pain disappeared, but unbeknownst to me the endo kept growing. About 9 months after the hysterectomy I thought I was getting the flu it turned out not to be the flu at all and after being admitted to the hospital with kidney failure I was told it was caused by endometriosis of all things. Very bad experience as endo has all but destroyed my kidney function and now I need a kidney transplant

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