are my urine/kidney infections caused by endo?

I have had a bout of urine infections 6 in total since December.This last one is a kidney infection and has knocked me sideways been in bed for 2 days unable move with pain.I have had surgery for stage 4 endo 2 years ago and am currently on zloadex which is a relief if not for uti's.Could this be endo related ?does my gp need to investigate? if so how do they do this.I'm really struggling with so any help would be much appreciated.Bxxx

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Hi there, I think your infections are related to endo as mine were- I was told when given my endo diagnosis. I was suffering horrendously with urine/kidney inf for three months before my lap and diagnosis. Go back to docs and explain and he/she should sent off urine sample to hospital to check it out. Good luck and hope you recover very quickly. X

So sorry to hear that once again you are suffering with the infections. I think they might be linked to endo as I suffered for 4 and half years with bladder and kidney infections, very frequently(one every other week) had all the tests possible under a urology team, an op to stretch the bladder and tubes, even had to catheterise daily and inject antibiotics directly into the bladder nothing worked. I had a lap in oct 2012 after being told it was just to rule out as they were 100% convinced I didn't have endo. After surgery was told I most definately did have it, but it was only very mild. Was past from pillar to post regarding consultants and then finally decided I wanted a second opinion so went to a different hospital to have one examination, a colonoscopy and a relook at old scan photos to be told I have stage 4 severe endo and need a 9 hour surgery. I was told at that point that the infections were without a doubt linked to endo. Am still awaiting surgery. You could ask to be referred to a urologist just to rule out a few things. But they will go through all the basic things before performing any tests for example, increase fluid intake, to the point of recording how much goes in and out of your body, make sure you are going to the toilet before and after sexual intercourse, long term antibiotics. I really hope you get sorted as its a horrible thing to go through on top of the endo pain too

If you don't mind me asking, what does the 9 Hour surgery entail? I've been diagnosed with endometriosis for 7 years.. since I was 15-16. It started with consistent uti infections and the medication never helping. I then found an amazing Dr who diagnosed me but I'm still experiencing the uti pain and discomforts after having 2 kids. It's awful and I feel hopeless. I went to a urologist and she wanted me to go through an mri or c as the scan to see if there was anything else that could be causing it. But I haven't made it in yet.

Hi, I like you have suffered from urine/kindney infections and been hospitalised twice. Mine however have been spread out throughout my life, I am 28. I had a lap last October and was diagnosed with endometriosis, but the very reason I first started having problems was because of my water works. I have no idea what stage endo I have they don't use those terms at my hospital all I know is that I am still in near enough constant pain and have been on decapeptyl for 8 month, with a little relief. Last Monday I had a cystoscopy user a g/a to see if it was on my bladder, they did all sorts of test and nothing was found, so I'm still feeling bruised inside, for what really is nothing. They told me they did not want to see me again and were referring me back to my gynae. When I had a scan before I found out that my womb is extremely tilted so I'm putting my recurrent infections down to the placing of my organs. The urologist was certain it was endometriosis that was causing all my pain. I'm writing all this to give u hope that it's not gone to those areas. Hope you feel better soon. X

Thanks to all for imfo i'm sseing gp on weds to discuss further.Bxxx

Hi. Your urine related problems sound like how I suffered for around a year before I got referred to gynae. Prior to my gynae referral I had two bladder procedures much to no effect. I had urodynamics tests done and my urine flow significantly lower than average. hence a bladde stretch. I firmly believe all my urine and kidney problems were endo and the endo has been an undiagnosed until feb this year. I would have urine infections/urine pain and pelvic pain monthly either before or after my periods. My periods were getting progressively worse and also the constant pelvic pain ranging from a dull acne to so intense I would pass out. I also suffer from IBS which again I feel is endo related. The gynae was not convinced I had endo and the lap was carried out to check nothing else was going on... To his surprise I have lots of endo everywhere apart from my ovaries and tubes. I am now in limbo a to a route for treatment... Hope you feel better soon x

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