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Finally diagnosed!

As some as you may know i have been going through many tests to try and find out what is the matter with me. Being told i have endo then i don't and potentially all these other things.

I had my laparoscopy yesterday and i had 2 cysts removed and a further cysts that burst whilst in my stomach and bits of it stuck to my organs. I was also told i have stage 4 endo on my bowel which it is meaning it is all stuck down and attached to my uterus so there wasn't much they could do for it.

Im going to see my gynaecologist in two weeks time to talk about pain relief and other options because she thinks im too young to go in for further surgery to my bowel that might effect my uterus (im 19)

I'm reliefed to have a diagnosis but i know that there are many more problems too come, including fertility worries etc.

We just all need to keep strong and show endo who's boss!

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How articulate and clear-headed you are for such a young'un! Well done and good luck xx


At least you now know what you're dealing with. Hope you manage to get sorted with pain relief that works for you. Good luck with the rest of your treatment x


At the age of 18 I was diagnosed with stage four endo. My bowel had stuck to my womb and they managed to correct this during a laparoscopy. I have just had my second corrective surgery as further issues occurred after being on the injection for three years. The endo is as bad as it was before so I have now had a coil fitted. Maybe ask your doctor for a second opinion if it causing you a lot of bother. I know from experience that having endo affecting your bowel is not only painful most of the time but a great discomfort when trying to go to the loo.

Good luck with your enquires. x


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