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Tearing like feeling?


I was diagnosed with Endo four years ago. I am in pain pretty much all the time although the pain varies from manageable to unbearable. My first six months of Prostap went well although the pain has come back with a vengeance again. I'm due to see the consultant in a few weeks.

Sometimes if I try to lift things, say a heavy bag of shopping, I get a terrible tearing like sensation in my pelvic area. This really worries me when it happens. Does anyone get the same or know why it happens?

Thanks X

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Might be scar tissue inside not letting your other organs be flexible?


Hi Kb3rry, I'm sorry to hear your in so much pain. Likewise, I am in constant pain were I cannot get out of bed and I am unable to do simple tasks. I also get what is like a ripping sensation in my tummy and I think it will just be the endo as I had these pains even before my lap. I hope you get better soon and wish you all the best for the future. Keep smiling and don't let it get ytou down, don't let it win. Alex xxx


i get that pain/feeling in varying degrees whenever doing anything bending over or lifting like you say - i cannot even seem to do a full shop on my own anymore as i end up in so much pain after so i either need my hubby or sons to help or my hubby just goes on his own xxx


i know what your saying about lifting things when i be lifting things even things that you would of been able to lift before you were in so much pain you just feel so weak


Thanks for the replies. Aww i'm sorry to hear that you are all getting the same thing. It's a horrible feeling. I am struggling with the fact that I cant do simple things, my hubby is great but I am a strong willed person and am finding it difficult. I hope you all get relief from this soon. Take care everyone and thanks.Xx


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